Friday, May 31, 2019

Chips Ahoy Cookie Ice Cream without Ice cream Maker

Since last year I was thinking to make homemade ice cream, made gelato and loved it but wanted to try regular ice cream, so finally this year I just made it. I got my heavy cream and condensed milk and then I look into the pantry and couldn't find Oreo cookies and I was about postponed my idea of making ice cream. But then saw chips ahoy box so I thought why not to make with these cookies. It's just 3 ingredients, whip it together and put it in the freezer, 4 hours later, you will have delicious ice cream without any ice crystals or hard. It was perfectly soft, perfect sweet in taste and above all kids had a blast eating it. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and make your family favorite ice cream in no time. Heavy cream and condensed milk ratio are the same for the base, you can add different ingredients and make your own, after that I made my favorite cashew and dried grapes ice cream.


2 cups of Heavy cream
3/4 can of condensed milk, it was fine with my taste, you can adjust sweetness as per your liking
10-12 Chips Ahoy or Oreo Cookies crumbled
Few drops of Vanilla Essence

Method : 

Whip the heavy cream and condensed milk in stand mixture till it becomes fluffy.

Take it out in ice cream pan, mix in crushed cookies and Vanilla essence. 

Don't make too tiny pieces, leave it big chunks

Top it off with some cookies too.

Cover and Freeze it and take it out after 4 hours and you will have nice ice cream ready to enjoy and beat the heat.

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