Saturday, October 10, 2015

Watermelon & Feta Salad

We get nice and big watermelon in summer, to consume as it is , its a big challenge, so I try to make something out of it. Sometimes just make a simple juice out of it, eat it as it is, or with chat masala , make watermelon sparkling water. But this time I wanted to eat melon but in different way, and happen to have feta in the fridge too so made this watermelon and feta salad with home grown mint on it. It's no cook , healthy, tangy salad and  ready in no time. 

Ingredients : 

3 cups chopped watermelon
2 tbsp. Feta cheese
1 tbsp. mint leaves coarsely chopped
Few strokes of black pepper


Put the watermelon slices on plate.
Add feta and mint leaves on it,
Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper on it and enjoy some delicious watermelon salad.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vegetable Tortilla Pizza

We means kids and me were eating regular pizza but my husband can not eat tomato sauce pizza , he used to make it pumpkin sauce and then make pizza but that day I didn't had pumpkin so no sauce, so he made this kind of pizza. It doesn't have any sauce but full of vegetables and cheese and above all no flour , no kneading. Used readymade whole wheat tortilla , spread grilled vegetables and cheese and baked it till cheese melted and tortilla is crispy. Take it out, cut it and enjoy it. You can add your favorite vegetables but here I had red and green capscium, carrot, yam, carrot and zuchhini.

Ingredients :

1 each red and green capsicum - slice all vegetables in similar shape so its easy to cook
2 carrot
1 small Yam
1 Zucchini
1 cup Mozzarella cheese
3 Whole wheat tortilla


Grilled all the vegetables and cut in similar shapes and size if possible.
Preheat the oven at 350F.
Take the tortilla and spread vegetables and top it with cheese.
Baked it in the oven till cheese melted and tortilla become little crisp.
Take it out, cut it in 4 pieces and enjoy guilt free and healthy pizza.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Doodh Seviyan | Vermicelli Pudding

This dish has many name, we call it doodh seviyan, some call it sheer khurma, you can make it dry, runny, saffron, full of nuts. But basically its vermicelli and milk. So when I had guest at home, first thing come to my mind for dessert was this only. Its fast and easy to make and get cold fast too and everyone can enjoy this too. If you don't like runny consistency then dry up all the milk and have it.  If you like little runny then cook it that way. I gave my guest as it is but when it was time for me to eat, I had it with ice cream and whipped cream on top. So one dish but you can enjoy it your way.

BTW this happens to be my 500th post and just in time for Eid too. So Eid Mubarak to all who celebrates it. 

Ingredients : 

1 cup roasted vermicelli
4 cups milk
Sugar as per taste
Nuts as per taste, I took raisin, cashews
pinch of saffron mixed in milk

Method :

Roast the vermicelli if its not roasted. Keep it aside.
Add milk in the deep pan, boiled it for one time, then add roasted vermicelli. 
Add sugar and nuts in it and cook till you get your desired consistency. 
Beware it will get little thick once its cool down. 
Add saffron mixed milk in it and stir it. 
Don't cook too much after adding saffron.
Take it out in container and put it in fridge if you prefer cold or you can have it room temperature too.
Serve it in separate glasses , topped with ice cream or whipped cream or both or as it is.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

White Bean & Roasted Eggplant Hummus

If you have noticed I was MIA since last few weeks, but lots going on in personal life, got promotion at work, which was really surprised me because I started working after 8 years of break and in 9 months I proved myself that I am worth it that's the achievement I was waiting for and other was we moved to different city for better education and school for kids, which is very important here. So packing, unpacking , babysitter, new commute and in all this blog was last in my mind. So finally today I decide that let me start at least posting once a week, before I get back to my normal routine which was 3 days a week.

So the other dip I was making with my nachos was this hummus. I had half eggplant in the fridge and have to use it so I just cooked it in microwave and empty the can of white beans with tahini, garlic, salt, pepper , lime juice and olive oil and make this healthy hummus. This kind of dish is always good for serve when you have company, its easy to make and pleased the crowd. And it hardly takes 5 minutes to put the dish on the table. So what are you waiting for ? when you have next get together make this and enjoy it with your friends and family.


½ big eggplant, roasted
1 can of White bean (White Kidney beans)
2 tbsp. of Tahini
1 juice of lime
Salt as per taste
4 Tbsp.  or more EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive oil)
1 clove of garlic or two.


Remove the skin of eggplant and cut it in cubes and put it in microwave safe bowl and cook it for 10 minutes.
Empty the bean in colander and wash it under water and remove all sticky water.
Put the beans, eggplant , clove in blender, pulse it and make a puree. Add tahini, lime juice, olive oil and salt and pulse it more till it becomes nice and runny dip.
If you need more olive oil add it.
Take it out in bowl and add more olive oil in center and enjoyed with homemade pita chips.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Greek Nachos

I was having friends for lunch and wanted to make some quick appetizer, it was a hot day and didn’t wanted to fry and stand in front of gas and cook anything. I had one packet of whole wheat pita in my kitchen counter. I was making one dip to go with that but still it was more , so thought why not to make nacho style pita, but with Greek ingredients, had feta in fridge , had to use it, had English cucumber to finish it, tomato was there and made quick tzatziki sauce  and voila yummy light appetizer is ready.

Ingredients for Nachos:

15 Pita chips
½ English cucumber chopped
½ Onion Chopped
½ Tomato chopped
5 tbsp. or as per need Tzatziki sauce
3 tbsp. crumbled feta cheese

For Tzatziki Sauce

½ cup Greek or regular yogurt
2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
2-3 strings of fresh dill leaves finely chopped
Salt and black pepper as needed

Mix everything in bowl and keep it aside.


Use homemade or ready made pita chips. I made homemade, just cut them in pieces, brush olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper and baked it in oven for 400 till it’s nice and crunchy,. Keep an eye on it otherwise it will burn very fast. I baked it in toaster oven so it was easy for me.

Make all the chips and keep it aside.

To make nachos, take your dish, put the pita chips down. Spread tzatziki sauce on top, sprinkle tomato, cucumber and onion and feta cheese.
Serve it and enjoy immediately.

If you have extra sauce, keep it on side  , so your guest can take more sauce and enjoy it too.
Hearth & Soul Hop

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dudhi Bataka nu shak | Bottle gourd and potato curry

This shak (we Gujarati call shak to the vegetable curry) is my favorite from childhood. I used to eat all the vegetables which my mom used to make, never been a fussy eater, don't understand why my kids are so fussy. Anyway, when my mom used to make this curry, we used to crumble rotis in shak and its gravy and eat it which means you don't have to bite it roti every time, it’s just mixed in curry , so you can get in every bite curry and roti. But when you grow up , you forget all this and behave like a very manner person and eat it nicely. So whenever I make this , I feel like eating that way only but I control myself but at the end when I have half roti left I just do it. There is no fancy ingredients or spices used, its everyday cooking and spices. Mostly everyone is  making this in their home , following their family recipe. So this is my family’s recipe which I am sharing with you all.

Ingredients :

2 cups of chopped dudhi (bottle gourd) in cubes
1 potato chopped in cubes
1 small onion finely chopped
2 tbsp. tomato puree or 1 tomato chopped
1 tbsp. Ginger garlic chili paste
1 tsp. Badshah Turmeric powder
2 tbsp. Badshah Red chili powder or as per taste. Looking at my curry you can get the idea how spicy my curry is.
1 tsp. Badshah garam masala powder
1 tsp. cumin coriander powder
Salt to taste
2 tbsp. oil


Take a pressure cooker, yes for this recipe you need pressure cooker, you can make this in pan, but it will take very long time to cook and you don't get that thick consistency also, as per my taste though.
Add oil in it and add onion in it too. Cook till it become brown.
Add tomato puree along with ginger garlic chili paste.
If you are using tomato add that with paste too.
Cook for a minute or two till paste cook.
Add all your spices along with bottle gourd and potatoes.
Now bottle guard loose lot of water while cooking. So don't add too much water in it, just add ¾ cup of water and salt and put the pressure on.
Cook it till 3-4 whistles. When the cooker is cold and pressure is out, open up the cover and check if there is enough consistency of gravy there. You don't need runny gravy, thick one. so you can dip your roti in it and eat it.
If there is too much water, cook it on open cover and let it boil the water till you get your desired result.
Serve it with phulka rotis or just plain rice.

Hearth & Soul Hop

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kachi Keri ni Chutney | Raw Mango Relish

Well which girl don’t like raw mango with salt, red chili powder on it? I used to eat that a lot back home and when I was kid. When mom used to make pickle and put the raw mango pieces in salt and turmeric powder and spread it on clothe , few pieces always find their way into my stomach. Now I cannot handle that much sourness but still love to eat this chutney because it’s not sour but sweet and spicy one. Just grate raw mango along with red onion , put cumin in it and lots of red chili powder and sugar, mix it , leave it for 10 minutes and easy yummy spread is ready to enjoy with your dinner. My mom used to make this in summer and that day dinner always done in no time and we all enjoyed it. So keeping that tradition here also I make this. Until my husband used to join me but due to his healthy he cannot consume raw food, I solely finish in two days whole bowl of chutney and still craving for more.

Ingredients :

1 raw mango grated
1 red onion grated – white will do too but red give nice flavor
Pinch of Roasted cumin
2 tbsp. Badshah Red chili powder – add more cause we are going to add sugar so it will be not that spicy
1 tbsp. sugar or as per sourness of mango


Take a bowl. Add grated mango and onion in it, if you don’t want to grate onion, you can finely chopped it too.
Crushed cumin in your palm and add it in mango mixture.
Add red chili powder and sugar and mix it.
Leave it outside for 10 minutes till sugar dissolves.
Then enjoy it with your diner or pulav or as it is. I used to literally drink that chili powder and sugar water.
In my home it don’t last long so don’t know how long it last but try to eat fresh and make it in small quantity.

Hearth & Soul Hop
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