Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wheatgrass Juice #ulcerativecolitisrecipe

As I told you before my husband’s condition.  He do research and look for anything which helps him to reduce his condition, he found that wheatgrass juice is best so we plant wheat and when its grows and had “grass” we make juice out of it and he can use it. So this is just a usual wheat grass juice . But the taste of wheat grass is not good, so I try adding mint, tulsi, pom seeds, ginger. Those ingredients he can take it and makes the juice taste better too. He is suffering but at least his medicine has to taste good.   #ulcerativecolitisrecipe

First we put soft wheat in just as it is to grow, but in few days it has fungus and stat smelling bad, so put that in soil and no smell and start giving nice  green grass.

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Ingredients :
To  grow wheat grass you need

One cup of wheat


You need to soak the wheat overnight and then dry it and put it in deep dish which you want to grow it.
Put soaked wheat on down and spray water mix with baking soda in it and cover it with paper towel.
In a cup of water, just add one tsp of baking soda. 

Do this few times a day if you see that paper is dry.
In few days it will sprout and grass will come out.
For us it took 10 days to grow.
To make juice, cut the top of part of it , don’t throw it yet, it will grow again and you can use it again.
Take that cut wheatgrass, add some water and put it grinder and make fine puree. It upto you how pure juice you want , the way you put water that much juice will come out. 
Sieve it with very fine holes so you can only get juice.
Discard the fiber.

this one has mint and tulsi in it. 

Displaying 20150301_153044.jpg
I have added pom seeds in it. 


  1. lovely dear... I have heard wheatgrass has so many benefits... thank you for the post, will try... by the way, what is the proportion of soda in water...

    1. thanks, in a cup of water, 1 tsp. of baking soda is good.

  2. We had started growing and juicing wheatgrass, but stopped because it takes so long to grow just enough for one cup! I will maybe have another go, following your instructions; thanks :)

    1. I got 4 times after cutting top from juicing, and putting in soil it stays longer too. try it. thanks

  3. This is really good effort linsy...

  4. Nice to see what you made with the home grown wheat. I like the taste. Healthy and perhaps a tsp of honey will be good.

    1. sure will try honey next time. thanks for the tip Nava

  5. Thanks a lot for this very helpful post.

  6. never tasted& tried it...healthy juice.

  7. Interesting herbal drink, I did not know about it.I will recommend to my friends too.

  8. very useful info dear,interesting post too :)

  9. Nice post.. wheatgrass has so many health benefits

  10. Very useful post...thanks for sharing it will benefit so many..

  11. Informative post....... and interesting one.... :)

  12. I have only ever bought wheatgrass - what a fabulous idea to grow it yourself! Thank you for sharing this excellent tutorial with us at the Hearth and Soul hop. So many people find wheatgrass so helpful!


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