Monday, March 9, 2015

Vegetables in Pumpkin Gravy

Since December my husband is diagnosed with #UC , called Ulcers’ Colitis, in which he cannot have any spices, no dairy, very limited vegetables, no tomatoes, no soft cheese,  in total he has to change his diet completely. So now his life style has totally changed , he lost 30 pounds of his weight and he will be on medication for his rest of his life. So now in my kitchen 3 types of food is cooking, one for him, one for me, and one for my kids. He can have brown rice only. So I am going to share special recipes which we developed for this kind of patients, again everyone’s reaction to this vegetables is totally different, this suits my husband, it might not suitable to other patients so use your judgment and make this. But for normal people also this is very good, because without all this spices, you can actually taste the vegetables real taste. We made so many dishes and forgot to take pictures but hey  it’s going to be happen again so wait for it.

Ingredients :

1 cup of orange pumpkin
½ red capsicum
½ carrot

1 each red and green capsicum- chopped
1 zucchini chopped
1 carrot chopped
1 sweet potato chopped
Salt and black pepper as per taste
1 tbsp. extra virgin oil oil


In a two cup water, boil pumpkin, red capsicum and carrot.
Cook it till it becomes soft.
When it’s done, leave it aside and when its cold, make a fine puree.
Heat a pan, add EVOO in it,
Add puree in it and cook till extra water evaporates.
Add  vegetables in it and cook till its cooked but not mushy.
Add salt and pepper and mix it.


  1. That indeed looks yummy!

  2. looks so yummy and healthy..Hope your husband get well soon

    1. Thanks Veena for the wishes. This is for life but just hoping he can have his normal routine back.

  3. Very healthy and Yummy it looks....Your a lovely mother and a Caring Wife..God bless your hubby with good health and speedy recovery...

    1. Thanks Gloria. we all wish for his speedy recovery.

  4. Oh thats really bad news to stay on med for rest of the life and a working woman to make three kinds of meals. I really admire ur time mgmt skill Linsy.Love ur new series hoping to learn some good recipes.

    1. Thanks Meena, I am trying my best to make things normal for everyone. Made a lot of dishes but forgot to click it and then decided its time now to do this. so started now.

  5. an unusual but healthy vegetable preparation. Definitely friendly for the stomach. Linsy have hope, I have known a couple of people who had the same problem but overcame it with diet and medicines. Now they sometimes can eat normal food but not too spicy.

  6. Hats off for ur management skills......... This is really a healthy dish.... :)

  7. Sounds very healthy and delicious..

  8. Healthy dish dear!!! God bless you and your family..

  9. Like the look of this- hope your hubby's condition settles down soon- what a great cook you are, to adapt recipes and still make the,m delicious!

  10. this pumpkin gravy looks delicious, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  11. I admire you for making three different meals in your home Linsy, that is a lot of work. Sorry to learn that you husband has UC, hope he begins to feel much better with your new home made recipes, and thank you so much for sharing with Vegetable Palette, the round up will be up on 1st April. I love the sound of the pumpkin gravy.

  12. What an intriguing dish! Sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing with Extra Veg

  13. What a lovely comforting dish. I do hope that your husband's health improves and it will make your cooking a little easier.

    thank you for linking up to #ExtraVeg


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