Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Doodh Pak and Poori | Indian Rice pudding with Fluffy Indian bread

Who doesn't like doodh pak - puri? its a one dish that I don't mind eating once in a while. I made this for our lunch one day, we both had puris and rest leave it for kids. When I was picking up them from school , I told them that I made puris, who is going to eat? Both were so happy that Mumma made puris. They finished it all and was asking for more. I said this is it. Will make it next time more. and then they were happy. They helped always when I am making masala puris in the morning for breakfast. For this pudding/ kheer, you can add your choice of nuts in it. You can fry it in ghee and add it or just chop it and add it, I like to add just chop one. You can use any kind of rice in this, no need of basmati rice.

Ingredients for Doodh Pak :

6 cups of full fat milk
1/2 cup washed and soaked rice
4-5 tbsp. sugar or as per taste
few strings of saffron
Nuts of your choice
pinch of Cardamom powder
Dash or two vanilla essence - optional


Grease the pan with ghee in which you are going to make this , so it doesn't stick in it.
Add the milk and when its come to boiling point , add rice in it ( just the rice , not the water in which is soaked).
Continuous stir it so it doesn't stick at the bottom.
Scarpe it from the side, My rice was done in 10 minutes.
When its about to done, add sugar, saffron, nuts and cardamom powder.
I like to add vanilla essence , it gives nice flavor in it but if you don't want to , its totally ok.
Stir till sugar is melted.
Its upto your choice to eat warm or cold.
If you like cold then put it in refrigerator and enjoy it with puris or have it at room temperature with puris.

Ingredients for Puris :

1 cup Whole wheat flour
salt to taste
2 tbsp. oil
Milk as needed to knead the dough
oil to deep fry


Take flour, add salt, oil and add little milk to start kneading dough. Make dough little hard then rotis.
keep it aside for 10 minutes.
Heat the oil in big kadai (pan)
Make gold size balls , keep it aside.
Take one ball, flatten it little bit with your palms.
Start kneading the size you like for your puris.
You can do all the puris and then fry it or you can do one at a time.
When oil is hot, keep the flame on medium.
Slide the puri in hot oil and fry it till it puff up , turn it over and cook on other side.
Take it away and put it on paper towel.
Finish with all the balls and enjoy it with hot or cold pudding.

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  1. i always wanted to make puri with sweets, bt never done. this looks awesome and right now i'm drooling over that

  2. Yumm yumm.. I wouldn't mind eating everyday hehe.

  3. this combination looks interesting...

  4. seems very different recipe you are quite innovative dear ..
    you can link up your beef and mutton entries to my event Meat Lovers month . just announced it glad if you be a part of this :)

    1. Thanks Monu but mine is vegetarian blog, have something with that and surely participate it.

  5. Yummy doodh Pak.heard off this but never tried
    Soon give a try on this

  6. Puris are not my fav but again, once a while is good. I love the creamy pak, that is definitely my kind of dessert.

    1. same here Nava, don't make that much puris but dudh pak can have it anytime.

  7. This looks so perfect:) this is all what i want when i am stressed- will surly bring smile to my face:)

  8. Wonderful and delish dish. I love both poori and dudh pak.

  9. Pooris taste really good with dishes like these .. even rabri and mawa.

  10. wow..very interesting n yummy!

  11. this is total new combo to me.. interesting

  12. Thank you Linsy for linking this recipe to the Diwali event. Did you know that dudhpak, puri and galka bhajia is usually made by Gujaratis on Kali Chaudas day. I love cold dudhpak.

  13. What a wonderful dish! I love foods with saffron in them and your Indian Rice Pudding with fluffy Indian bread looks lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

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