Friday, November 9, 2012

Mango Rabdi

Rabdi or Rabri, its a very popular sweet dish in India. It's very easy to make but you have to be very patience cause it's time consuming but when you see the end result you will just think about when it's going to chilled and I can have it. Ingredients are also very easy and always in the kitchen so no need to rush to supermarket and get it.


• 6 Cup Milk 
• 1 Cup Sugar 
• 1 Cup Mango Pulp 
• 5-6 Cardamom Seeds (grounded)

some pistachio to garnish

Method :

Put milk in a pan and boil it. Simmer it for at least one hour till it is reduced to half.
Remove milk from the flame and add sugar. Stir continuously till it gets dissolved and allow it to cool.
Now add the mango pulp and cardamom seeds and stir properly. Garnish with pistachio.
Set aside in the refrigerator to chill.

Mango Rabdi is ready. Serve chilled.

Sending this entry to to Christmas event by Priya and Divya !!!
Indian sweets
Sumee's Culinary Bites: Bon Vivant #10 - Festive Feast


  1. Using mango pulp for rabdi is new to me. must have tasted delicious

  2. Love this rabdi a lot. Yummy preparation

  3. Different idea,keep going admin,really nice one..

  4. You do have the patience. And it looks yummo.... Must have tasted great too..

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    1. oh it was out of this world and you know what you can freeze them in the kulfi mold , it will be awesome kulfi too.

  5. Hello dear...thanks for joining. Appreciate if you could add my event banner too :)

  6. Hey dear I love Mangoes and this looks so awesome dear!! Must have tasted heavenly!! btw u will have to link this dessert to Priya's space dear am hosting only the savory items :) Sorry for the inconvenience
    And about your doubt, just now checked the comments dear.. You can't use milk in these burfis coz it will not give the perfect texture and consistency. I have given a reply to your comment dear check it out!!

    Maida Burfi - A Festive Sweet

  7. The mango rabri looks so fantastic!!! Mango is my favorite fruit, and anything mango makes my day!!!

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  9. Hi i am Greg Mclardie and i am a food lover, glad that i landed on your page.

  10. Wow mango rabdi, looks delectable.
    Thanx for linking to my event, looking frwd for more yummy recipes frm u.

  11. delicious rabdi.. would love to finish the entire bowl.. Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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