Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moong Dal Vada / Yellow Split lentil fritters (not fried or baked)

Me and my husband, both are very health conscious.  After certain age you have to take care of your health too. We both are over 40s and not only that from the beginning we used to eat less fry food, used part skim cheese , milk, brown rice, WW flour where ever its possible. But still sometimes I just craved those fry food and since I got paniyaram I use it all the time.  You have seen my previous Vada Pav and stuffed Paniyram, and now Moong Dal vada in this. So now you get the idea what we can do in this pan. So lets start making it.

Ingredients :

1 cup split yellow moong dal
1 finely chopped green chili
1 tsp grated ginger
Pinch of hing and baking powder
salt to taste
few strings of chopped coriander
2 tsp oil


Wash and soak dal in water for 3-4 hours.
Grind dal finely in blender.
Add all the ingredients in the batter except oil.
Add water if batter is too thick otherwise vada will be hard.
Heat the paniyaram pan. Add  tsp oil in paniyaram, when its hot add tsp of batter in each holes and cook until it leaves side.
Flip it in cook on other side too.
Take it out in plate and serve it along with fry green chilies and raw onions.

Have it with hot cup of tea and just munch it for evening snack.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coriander (cilantro) Jalapeno Dip

Love for spicy food continues with this easy and delicious dip. Its not only dip you can use it as spread on burger , vada pav, sandwiches or kathi roll. Possibilities are unlimited. You think this dip is spicy but its not , well depend how you are making it. If you like spicy keep one jalapeno with seeds in it or if you like mild take it out seeds from all. This is perfect side dish for any BBQ party. I had it with my chimichanga as a side dish.

We are going for small trip to The Bahamas , will be back on Sunday so I will see you guys on Monday. I have post scheduled for these days so don't forget to visit me. I will visit you once I am back. Thank you so much.

Ingredients :

6 to 8 jalapenos (remove the seeds)
1 bunch cilantro
1 packet of dry Ranch dressing mix
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Mayonnaise

Puree the jalapenos and cilantro in a food processor until it looks like a paste
Be sure to scoop out the seeds of the jalapenos if you want a mild dip
Mix together the cilantro and jalapeno puree mixture with 1 cup of mayonnaise and 1 cup of sour cream mix.
Don't put everything in blender otherwise it will be soupy and not dip. Just Jalapenos and cilantro to blend it.
Chill for about an hour and serve

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kothimbir Vadi / Steamed Coriander dumplings

In my opinion, Kothimbir vadi is Maharashtrian answer to their neighbor Gujarat's Muthia. I remember Years ago when I was watching Sanjeev Kapoor's show  here in US, he was making this dish and I made it after wards, I loved it. But after that I never made it. Now I am thinking that why I didn't made this in all these years. It's healthy, steamed and delicious. So I make promise to myself that I am going to make this dish as much as possible. Always we use coriander leaves for garnishing but here its main ingredients. It's easy so lets make it.

Ingredients :

half a bunch of coriander leaves (washed and chopped)
2 tbsp. chickpea flour (besan)
1 tbsp. Rice flour
1 tsp. red chili powder
1 tsp. turmeric powder
salt as per taste
1 tsp. oil
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. sugar ( optional I did not add it)

For seasoning:
2 tsp. oil
1 tsp. white sesame seeds
1 tsp. mustard seeds
Pinch of hing, few curry leaves
1 green chili chopped

In a bowl, take chopped coriander leaves. Add both the flours, chili powder, turmeric powder, salt and baking powder, oil.

Add little water ( if required only cause leaves will have enough water) and make thick long tube.

Grease a dish of steamer and put the dough tube in it.
Steam in the steamer for about 15 minutes.
Take it out and cool it completely.
You can eat it as eat it or you can season it.
Make as per your liking pieces.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add mustard seeds when crackle add hing, curry leaves, green chilies and sesame seeds.
Add the cut pieces in it and mix well.
If you wish sprinkle some lime juice in it and serve warm with hot tea or just as it is for snack.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sprouts Jalfrezi

You all know vegetable, paneer, tofu, chicken Jalfrezi but why not to combine healthy ingredients in this dish.  I love to cook with sprouts, I make lentil subji from it but when I made this dish, I didn't had any vegetables in my dish, so I thought why not to combine both in one dish. That's how this dish was born. You can take your choice of vegetables to add in.


2 cups of mixed sprouts
1 cup of chopped vegetables ( I took carrot, cabbage, green capsicum)

1 chopped onion
1 chopped tamato or 1 tbsp puree
2 tsp ginger, garlic and green chili paste
1 tsp each turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin and coriander powder, garam masala
1 tsp Pavbhaji masala
salt to taste
lime juice to taste
few strings of fresh coriander chopped
3 tsp oil


Wash and clean sprouts.

Heat a pan, add oil in it.
Add onions in it and cook till it changes it color.
then add ginger , garlic and green chilli paste, all powder masala, pav bhaji masala and tomato puree.
Mix it very well, cook for minute.
Add sprouts and vegetables and mix it.
Add cup and half water. Depend upon your quantity.
Add salt and cover it with lid and cook till sprouts are cooked fine and no water left.

shut the gas  off and add lime juice and coriander leaves.
Serve it with hot roti.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Masala Chana Dal / Spicy Yellow Lentils

As a kid in India we used to travel by train a lot, so whenever the vendors came inside the coach with nice , tempting snack items we so tempted to buy those. But our elders warned us that its not hygenic and not good to eat because you don't know how  they made it or the person's own hygenic who is making these. The most popluar snacks were masala chana dal, masala Cucumber, dal wada, nimbu pani, gathia and of course tea and coffee. One day at home here, I  was thinking about those days and those snacks comes to my mind and I get up and made Masala chana Dal and I take pictures as it was given in train too. It's easy, tasty and chatpata. You can adjust taste as per your liking.


2 cups Masala Chana dal

1 half red onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
1 green chili finely chopped
1 cucumber finely chopped
lime juice as per taste
1 tsp chat masala or as per taste
1 big spoon of fresh coriander chopped


Mix everything in bowl and enjoy it with hot cup of tea or as it is.

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