Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moong Dal Vada / Yellow Split lentil fritters (not fried or baked)

Me and my husband, both are very health conscious.  After certain age you have to take care of your health too. We both are over 40s and not only that from the beginning we used to eat less fry food, used part skim cheese , milk, brown rice, WW flour where ever its possible. But still sometimes I just craved those fry food and since I got paniyaram I use it all the time.  You have seen my previous Vada Pav and stuffed Paniyram, and now Moong Dal vada in this. So now you get the idea what we can do in this pan. So lets start making it.

Ingredients :

1 cup split yellow moong dal
1 finely chopped green chili
1 tsp grated ginger
Pinch of hing and baking powder
salt to taste
few strings of chopped coriander
2 tsp oil


Wash and soak dal in water for 3-4 hours.
Grind dal finely in blender.
Add all the ingredients in the batter except oil.
Add water if batter is too thick otherwise vada will be hard.
Heat the paniyaram pan. Add  tsp oil in paniyaram, when its hot add tsp of batter in each holes and cook until it leaves side.
Flip it in cook on other side too.
Take it out in plate and serve it along with fry green chilies and raw onions.

Have it with hot cup of tea and just munch it for evening snack.

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  1. love this idea of making vada with very less this low calorie snack

  2. Loved those moong dal vadas, because it is not fried. Yummy and lovely tea time snacks.

    today's post:

  3. You are full of ideas Linsy!!

  4. Love it Linsy, very healthy vadais....

  5. Love to have it with some coconut chutney,delicious vadas.

  6. Very healthy vadas,looks so delish.nice clicks linsy.

  7. Just amazing...It must be very tasty as well as healthy

  8. Wow.. you gave a healthy twist to my all time fav vadas.. awesomeness! :)

  9. this paniyaram pan is a versatile vessel i could say and very useful to cook food with less oil....such an healthy guilt free vada

  10. Wow.. Yummy looking platter.. I cud gulp down the whole thing in one go :) Healthy too as it uses very less oil :)

  11. Amazed at the healthy vada version, looks yum

  12. love this healthy & delicious snack...brilliant idea to use paniyarampan instead deep frying it..nice!

  13. excellent idea to have almost no fry vada. this pan will go on shopping list for next india visit. Your moong vadas look great.

    I regularly read your blog and just realized I was following it on blogspot. Following you now:)

    Visit/Follow me at

  14. Looks delecious, luv the idea that you have made it fat-free and much healthier

  15. Wow!! drooling here! these look absolutely fab!

  16. healthy vadas in paniyaram pan, lovely tea time snack :-)

  17. Wow, great food Linsy!! Awesome!!!

  18. I totally agree that after certain age its good to watch what we eat. I actually eat everything but with moderation.

    Lovey vadas and I am tempted looking a the crunchy and crispy fritters. I can imagine, I just can about the taste once its been made.

  19. Healthy vadas. looks tempting

    Hey I am hosting my first food event at

    Please do participate. Would love to have your amazing recipes at my blog.


  20. So healthy haven't thought about making vada in paniyaram pan..
    Thanks for linking to my event

  21. tempting the way you make food healthy

  22. Healthy vada:) like the way you cooked with panniyaram pan

  23. Healthy and tasty vada....... Looks yumm!!!

  24. healthy and yummy vada' it!

  25. Perfect and healthy moong dal vadas. Perfect. Loved it. :)


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