Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fried Yuca / Mogo and Stir Fry Yuca

I never had yuca in India. After coming to US I had it first time at my best friend's house. She is from Africa and there , this dish is very famous. It's their street food, They have stalls alongside road with fried yuca and they serve it with garlic chutney and lime juice. It's called MOGO. Since then I was hooked on to this dish. When ever she makes this , she called me and I go there and eat it. But after that I started making this. Its easy lunch or snack dish.


3 big Yuca
garlic chutney dry one
1 lime / lemon
oil to shallow fry

Cut Yuca as per your choice .
Boil the water in big pan.
Add the yuca pieces in it and boiled it for 15-20 minutes.
Take it out and put it in drainer.
When its nice and dry, heat a oil in pan. I shallow fry it but if you want you can deep fry it.
Add few pieces in it and fry it on both sides.
Take it out and put it in paper towel.
To serve this, sprinkle some chat masala and lime juice on fried mogo and take garlic chutney and add lime juice in it too.
Dip it and eat it.
I fried half and rest I made dry subji.
Heat a oil, add jeera in it. Add Yuca pieces along with red chili powder, 1 tbsp of same garlic chutney, 1 tsp of turmeric powder, salt.
Mix it and cook for 5 minutes.
Sprinkle lemon juice on it and serve it along side with roti.

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  1. Hey Linsy,Tapioca is almost like state food of Kerala.We make curries ,dry dishes etc.

  2. Yucca is a favorite of all keralites..we love this in nay form..this recipe is very new to me ..thanks for sharing this dear:)

  3. the best thing to have with tea on a nice cold evening... yumm...

  4. Looks like tapioca but not really sure. Lovely simple yet inviting dish.

  5. Linsy yaar .....this looks so delicious. pass it.

  6. Yuca is new to me, but love the simple flavor - looks crispy and yum!

  7. This is new to me..but sounds delicious.

  8. Sounds super delicious :) Yum!!

  9. Never heard about it. But seems yummy

  10. dear Linsy.... ur comment came as a spam on my blog. Kindly check if u ve been spammed by google +. revert back if u find u ve been spammed by google+, i have a story to share wid u in tat case.

  11. Very new to me but sounds interesting and delicious....must try soon...

  12. Delicious yuca fry. I love anything with yuca. I will try your version.

  13. Great way to cok Yuca, like like.

  14. yummy... we get a lot of fried, roasted and mogo chips as street food in Mombasa at a place called light house. My mouth is watering and I am heading towards the kitchen to make some. Please visit my blog


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