Friday, June 21, 2013

Masala Chana Dal / Spicy Yellow Lentils

As a kid in India we used to travel by train a lot, so whenever the vendors came inside the coach with nice , tempting snack items we so tempted to buy those. But our elders warned us that its not hygenic and not good to eat because you don't know how  they made it or the person's own hygenic who is making these. The most popluar snacks were masala chana dal, masala Cucumber, dal wada, nimbu pani, gathia and of course tea and coffee. One day at home here, I  was thinking about those days and those snacks comes to my mind and I get up and made Masala chana Dal and I take pictures as it was given in train too. It's easy, tasty and chatpata. You can adjust taste as per your liking.


2 cups Masala Chana dal

1 half red onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
1 green chili finely chopped
1 cucumber finely chopped
lime juice as per taste
1 tsp chat masala or as per taste
1 big spoon of fresh coriander chopped


Mix everything in bowl and enjoy it with hot cup of tea or as it is.

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  1. this is one of popular street food in Sri Lanka too...Do you fry chana dal before mixing with other ingredients or Masala Chana dal means something already prepared?I am interested in making this at home & taste with old memories....

  2. That's my all time favorite "Street Chaat" :)

  3. Oh Linsy that looks so yummy..

  4. Super healthy and perfect evening snacks, love it linsy

  5. Hi hi reminded me Kaka who used to sell same snack at our school Nutan Fellowship high school, I still remember his face..25 paisa ma :) so how did you made daal ? Send me this for my eent my bowl of snacks plz !

    1. Soak dal for 8 hours then spread it on cloth. take very hot oil and add dal and fry it, then add salt,pepper, haldi and citric acid. same way you can do mung dal and mung beans too.

  6. Aha, train journeys are always a killer!! and yes their snacks are always what is required to keep the conversation going! I would never forget boiled peanuts, one of my favorites!!
    Love the masala channa dal! Simple and really yummy snack! Chat masala addition is perfect.
    Nice clicks.

  7. Oh! I love this one. Especially with all the toppings and some chaat masala. Yummy chaat! :)

  8. Simple and easy to make. I like the crunch mixed with the soft bite of tomatoes.

  9. wowww its making me hungryyy

  10. Yummy street food.. Felt nostalgic Linsy :-)

  11. healthy evening snack to munch with tea

  12. veryyyyyy nice i'm lovin it !

  13. Thanks a lot for ur continous support for Healthy diet event, love this masala channa dal.

  14. Yummy one dear :) Train journeys were always fun with variety of fud..

  15. Looks soo tempting dear! drool-worthy!

  16. Linsy, lovely snack. Thanks for bringing it over to the table. Cheers

  17. WOW.....This reminded me of my childhood days when we used to go to India Gate and have this :)
    Yummy ......Linsy, great work !!

  18. wow looks too tempting and yummy

  19. Lovely recipe mouth watering :)


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