Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tapioca Kheer Kulfi / Sabudana Kheer kulfi

This was my first time I made this kheer with Tapioca and it turned out so good now its going to staple in my cooking. It was fast and easy too but I had quite a bit of leftover and I don't know about you but I always find a way to use leftover in new dish. So when I was emptying kheer in container I was thinking how do I use this and I thought why not Kulfi. And I did it and it was a hit too.

Ingredients :

2 cups of leftover Tapioca Kheer
kulfi molds


Let me give you quick recipe the way I made this kheer.
Soak Tapioca / Sabudana in water. Mine is so good I just have to soak it for 15 minutes. Check your and do accordingly.
Heat a big pan , add half a gallon milk. Boil it till it becomes little thick.
Add one 8 oz. can of Evoporated milk , Tapioca and mix it.
Add 6 tbsp sugar, pinch of cardamom powder and mix it.
Add crushed pista, almonds and raisins in it.
Serve it hot or cold.
Now take your leftover kheer and pour it inside of kulfi mold.
Freeze it for 4-6 hours or over night and enjoy thanda thanda cool cool something diffrerent Kulfi in hot weather.
pour it in kulfi molds

freeze it for 6-8 hours

unmold it and serve it as it is or with hot fuge
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  1. Such a nice and simple recipe :) Loved the clicks :)
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  2. Lovely version from the tapioca, a new discovery yet one I am amazed at.

  3. Linsy, such awesome delights. Loving it and thank you for sharing your Falsa memories, wish I had known earlier that the seeds can be eaten...could have saved myself of the trouble of de-seeding them !!

  4. Very innovative and superb,will try this...

  5. wow yummy kulfi,love the idea...

  6. Another brand new recipe!! Looks cool and perfect for summer.

  7. very new and innovative recipe dear :) looks yummmm

  8. OMG kulfi with sabudanaaa..it's really new to me will deff try for this summer :)

  9. Wow.. What an idea Mamji !!! Looks fantabulous ;)

  10. amazing clicks. and delicious recipes, this is a wonderful dessert u made Linsy, do participate in my event www.guruscooking.com

  11. This look something new and interesting :)
    Thanks for linking to my event !!!

  12. it looks so delicious..cant believe you have made it with leftover!!!

  13. clap clap clap ! liked it !! nice makeover, dear.

  14. Delicious love sabudana kheer, making it into kulfi is innovative.

    1. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  15. i have always loved this tapioca kheer. Its very healthy and very good for lactating mothers...

  16. Hey that's very creative. Superb use of sabudana kheer. Very innovative indeed.

  17. what a nice way to use up the left over kheer!!! super tempting and very delicious.. Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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  18. What a pretty dessert! I have never tried cooking with tapioca before either. I love how your recipe turned out.

  19. Hey... Have got the same moulds... Seems like I have to try this one as well :)

    Thanks for linking it to my event :)

  20. Looks so yum, will try it soon :) Following your blog.


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