Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Panang curry with Tofu and Vegetables

I’m a friend for curry and Thai curry is one of my favorites. There are many different Thai curries (Massaman, Panang, Red, Green, Yellow, Karee, Kaeng Kua, Khing, etc.), each with a unique flavor that stems from the different ingredients in their pastes. If I was an authentic Thai chef, I’d grind my spices in a pestle and mortar and crack a coconut and strain its milk.  Since I’m a house wife with two young kids, with no time, the following recipe is one that I've made up over the years and is as convenient as can be without sacrificing taste. You can use any  vegetables or fruits you want (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, green beans, etc).
Concept: curry paste + coconut milk + protein + vegetables = delicious curry.
I always use Maesri brand curry paste, which I get from Asian grocery stores, but Thai Kitchen curry pastes are good, too. 

2 tbsp oil
1 can of coconut milk
half can of panang curry paste
2 cups of your choice of vegetables ( i used onion, capsicum, carrot, broccoli)
1 block of firm tofu
1/4 cup cashews (fry in tsp of oil)
10-12 leaves of Thai Basil
few mung bean sprouts for decorations
Heat a pan with oil in it.
Stir fry panang curry in it. Add coconut milk and mix it with curry paste.
when the mixture boils add tofu and vegetables.
All veges has to cover by the sauce and coconut milk mixture. 
Cook for 5 minutes , if you are adding potatoes in it you have to add potatoes first cause it's take more time to cook.
Take it out in a bowl , add Cashews and thai basil and sprouts on top of it. 
Serve it with white rice , brown rice or stir fry rice. 


  1. This is new to me.. Looks interesting and delicious..

  2. i suppose the curry paste must be vegeterian. most of these have shrimp or some non veg paste, due to that i never try. this looks too good and healthy too.

    1. Yes this paste has no shrimp paste in it. it's 100% vegetarian that's why I use this brand. Red, green, penang and massaman curry is 100% vegetarian. Rest has shrimp paste.

  3. so new to me:)looking so mild and delicious

  4. Looks yummy...


  5. Looks so delicious and healthy...yumm

  6. Delicious curry, I am fan of Thai curries, this one looks really yumm.

  7. curry sounds flavorful, love Thai curries/noodles...this looks really yummy!

  8. I love panang curry. But have always jus made red and green curry at home as could find the panang curry paste. Thx for sharing this.

    would love you to visit me at

  9. Lovely recipes dear..must say I need to try your yum recipes ...thanks for dropping by,will keep on visiting :)

  10. new recipe,yummy recipe....
    thanks a lot for linking...

  11. Awesome recipe thanks for link with my event

  12. Something new and looks delicious. Thx for linking.

  13. the panang paste is new to me..looks very interesting

  14. this curry sounds intresting..thnx for linking

  15. yummy fav!..Frst time here..hapi to follow u..glad if u do d same

  16. Umm delicious,,,love the flavors there

  17. I love Thai food - this looks delicious

  18. awesome curry....gonna try it for sure :)


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