Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tikhi Bakhri | Spiced Indian Flat bread

We use flour in so many recipes to sweet to savory  , to namkeen to halwa , to make roti  or naan. This is a variation from simple bhakri which is made using only flour, salt and oil in it. This spiced one usually is for breakfast or to have it with tea or coffee or just for munching, it goes very well with chunda (shredded green mangoes in sugar syrup) or any pickle but I just like to have it with my breakfast. So here it is my favorite breakfast and if you try it it will be yours too.

Ingredients :

1 cup WW flour
Salt as per taste
1 tbsp. Red chili powder or as per taste
1 tsp. Turmeric powder
1 tsp. Crushed carom seeds (ajwain)
2 tbsp. oil to add it in flour and as needed to make bhakri


Take your flour in big bowl. Add salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder , crushed carom seeds, oil in it .
Take enough water to make soft dough just like you make it for paratha.
Make small rounds or as your prefer size balls.
Heat the tawa or griddle on gas.
Roll out the dough from small balls and make nice circle.
Put that bhakri on tawa and roast it on both sides , when other side is about done, add tsp. of oil and cook it and turn it over and cook it that side too for a minute.
Take it out on paper towel and do the rest of it.
Enjoy garama garam bhakhri with your tea and your breakfast is done.

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  1. Shredded mango in syrup with this bread sounds so mouthwatering.

  2. very simple recipe and looks really good and filling

  3. simple and delicious it with tea !

  4. bhakri looks tasty .Have to try this sometime.

  5. Perfect with masala chai .. I love teekha stuff.

  6. healthy n delicious,yummy!!

  7. love to have this ...looks really yummy

  8. Bhakhris with tea sounds good. love taking them in my lunchbox with some mango pickle.

    1. Yes its all time gujju favorite meal, thank you Minaben

  9. my all time favourite, masala tea and thikhi bhakri.

    1. Yes we gujju love this, you are back to Kenya? thanks Mayuriben

  10. What a delicious flat bread! I could eat it any time of day! Thank you so much for sharing this wholesome recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul hop, Linsy.


  11. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it out...
    Restaurant in South Campus


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