Friday, July 17, 2015

Mamra ni Chikki | Puff Rice Brittle or Balls - 4th Year in Blogging

This is I guess everyone had it outside the school gates during recess or after school. All lariwalas along with other stuff puff rice balls in their lari. It doesn't cost much that time but saving money from whatever pocket money we have and use it for all those goodies, man, those were the days. Now its become necessity for my hubby’s diet. He can consume puff rice and he was eating ready made rice krispies a lot , but need to change that so he asked me buy puff rice so can make it balls or squares or brittle. So I got big bag of puff rice and told him ok I am making this but duh, when I see the container of jiggery it was almost finished so I knew that I will be able to use up only ¼ of the packet of puff rice only , anyway I was not going to use up whole one in one time so it was good. So made this and it was done in no time. When I was looking for jar to put all this squares, it couldn’t fit in my container and I put rest in small container. The small container was in sink in no time , means it was done. So if you also craving for this , it’s very easy to make and its kinda healthy too because I make it from jiggery. You can use sugar too. but I was not very keen to use that.  You can make it balls too but I made it in squares.

My actual blogging anniversary is on 19th but since its on sunday and i dont post on sunday so celebrating today so thank you all friends and well wishers of my blog without you this journey not possible.So thanking you all from bottom of my heart.

I am out for 4 weeks vacation , will see you all after that. But if you are on my FB page I will post yummy dishes from back home.

Ingredients :

4 cups of Puff rice | Mamra
1 and ½ cup shredded Jaggery
Pinch of cardamom powder


Grease a big dish with ghee and keep it aside.
Take a big pan and add jaggery in it. Cook it on very low flame when it it start bubbling, add puff rice in it.
And mix it quickly, all grains should be covered in jiggery glue.
Spread it on grease dish and make it nice layer. Its upto you what size , shape you want to do it.
When it's still warm cut it in big or small squares and separate it, so its easy to handle later on.
Put it in jar and munch on it

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  1. Congrats Linsy, keep it up!
    the chikki looks yummy, yeah it is nostalgic!!

  2. Congrats on your 4th blogaversary! I never tried chikki with mamma before,so I'll have a go, thanks 😊

  3. Many congratulations and happy holidays.. I love this crunchy sweet and often make is healthy for kids too

  4. We make this during Diwali. It is a Sindhi tradition to make various chikkis in Diwali.

  5. Healthy and yummy .....,. Happy vacation dear !

  6. Lovely for the crunch and munch. Congrats for the 4 year milestone. Keep going Linsy and enjoy your vacation.

  7. Such a healthy and delicious snack.. Congrats on 4 years of blogging..

  8. Congrats dear... keep going... lovely snack to celebrate...

  9. I remembered your blog anniversary very well ..Congrats dear..the chikki looks really yumm..can munch on anytime

  10. Hearty congratulations on your 4th blog anniversary...glad to have bumped in and got to wish you...all the best for the future and many more to go!!...Btw puff rice chiikki looks delicious:)

  11. Congratulation on your 4th blog anniversary, wishing you many more.
    simple and nice mumra chikki.

  12. Congratulations on your 4th year anniversary! I hope you will enjoy your time away and come back refreshed! I was interested to learn about Mamra ni Chikki - they sound like a delicious snack. I do love the flavour of cardamom. Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul hop.

  13. wow..super delicious,love to munch them.
    Happy vacation & Congrats on your blog anniversary :)

  14. Anytime I can munch this on... Love it always..

  15. have an explosion of flavors going on there!! It must have been so very delicious, and I love that you can use a tortilla to make it.... indian food


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