Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leibster Award

Ok so I got this award from two very fine blogger friends My Food Treasures and cooking in mommy's shoes. Thank you so much for the award and sharing it with me, Believe me I don't want to keep it with me so let me share it with my other blogger friends who are always sharing their comments on my blog.

Now about questions:

11 facts about me.

1. If I like something outside specially in food, Me and my husband both will try to re create that at home. that's how I learn to cook too.

2. I have two kids who are my life and I love them so much.

3. I love my family, my parents , my elder sister & her family. That makes me strong because they were and are and will be with me forever.

4. I love to make new friends and this blog helps me to make new friends in every corner of the world. so thank you so much all.

5. I like to watch Hindi movies and  TV soaps but due to lack of time I just stick to some of it.

6. Love singing and dancing and watching cricket.

7. Didn't a C of the cooking before marriage, after marriage I started to cook for two of us and now I can cook any vegetarian food I wanted to. Still not a good baker which I have to develop that.

8. I wanted to become chef once I came to US but that didn't happen that time , will see if I can do it in future.

9. I love traveling.

10. I love reading , specially suspense stories. Love watching those on TV too.

11. Just keep showering your blessings to newbie like me and we will continue this journey forever.

Questions asked

1. What is is about you that makes others happy?
My company.
2. What gives meaning to your life?
My kids
3. What did you want to be when you were 11 years old?
Air hostess. I applied for it but I was in last 3 and didn't selected in final.
4. If didn't make it happen, why not?
I answer that
5. Is there anything that you would aovid in your kitchen?
Accidents. I am still sometimes afraid of pressure cooker's whislte. I think that it will explode.
6. Which one would you prefer - a trip to the Mountains or Islands?
7. If you were give a chance to change something in your life, what would it be.
Nothing, I love my life as it is.
8. Which bring more joy to your heart - cooking or cleaning?
Both, it helps me release my stress.
9. What is your idea of a good movie?
Romantic movie with Shah Rukh Khan in it.
10.While travelling by train, would you prefer to sit facing forward or backward. Why?
Any way is fine, just wanted to enjoy ride.
11. Is blogging a necessity or pass - time for you?
Started as sharing something with everyone and will continue do it.

I have same 11 questions for all of you and share 11 facts about you. Pass this award who has 100 or under followers.
I am passing this award to

Lizy at Hot N Steamy Food
Hetal at Gujarati zaika
Indian Food Nest
Desi Fiesta
rani's gourmet
Nimmy's Kitchen
Radha at a liberal dose of masala
Cook With Pallavi:

Thank you all again. 


  1. congratz and thank u for sharing this lovely award kitchen queen :)

  2. congrats and thanks for sharing..

  3. Congrats on your award and lovely to know more about you

  4. congratulation and thanks...
    i am on travelling so i will take this after few days..

  5. thanks dear for passing me this award..sorry for the delayed replay..ll update the award soon

  6. hi
    happily updated the award...pls chk..

  7. Congrats and thnx for the award!


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