Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dudh Poha | Flatten Rice Sweet Pudding

Today is Sharad Poornima. and what better day than today to serve this day the all time poonam dish.  Who don't like this dish? Its  a typical Gujarati dish mostly eaten at any time of the year but specially on sharad purnima night. Make this in the evening, put it on terrace and in the cold air, it become nice and cold and enjoy it in moon light along with this Methi gota. On that night, we used to take needle and thread and with the help of moon light , we can put the thread in the needle. there 's a saying that if you do that , your eyes become nice and sharp. Well don't know about that but it was fun. Just read in the news that this way white light of moon goes into white pudding give some health benefits too.  You have this with your thali or as an after dinner dessert too. Because it has poha in it , it cook faster than rice kheer. You can use brown or regular poha in it. Today marks the official end of navratri too. So everyone enjoys garba to the fullest today and wait for the next year.

Ingredients : 

6 cups of Full fat milk
1 cup washed and soaked poha
1/2 can condensed milk or sugar as per taste
nuts of your choice
pinch of saffron soaked in milk
Dash of vanilla and cardamom powder


Boil the milk in big pan.
Add poha in it and add sugar or condensed milk and boil it.
Add fried nuts or chopped nuts in it along with saffron and cardamom powder and vanilla essence.
Thicken it little bit, Just remember its going to thicken once its cold so dont over do it.
Take it out in container and put it in fridge if you like to eat cold or keep it outside if you like it at room temperature.
You can have it with puri or as it is.

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  1. yumm.. sure it would have been very tasty.

  2. Dudh poha looks very tasty and inviting.

  3. nicely made yum yum pudding passs :)

  4. Sucha healthy option for dessert.

  5. Finally, I managed to buy poha over here. Made a simple sweet dessert and still have the balance. Will use them for this pudding. Btw, it seem like the poha I bought becomes mushy very fast, so, maybe, no need to boil for a long time.

    1. Maybe you get thin , for kheer or savory dish, buy thick one, for chevdair ffrying thin is best.

  6. Slurp and burp :D...yum!! if grannies use that thread and needle ,will their eyesight improve as well ?:P:D

    1. They were doing it for long, so some of them have really good vision.

  7. yes Linsy its a must in every Gujarati household to have doodh poha. Had invited my hubby's cousins for dinner today and my sister in law brought some along to have as dessert. That's also what we were told when we were growing up that the moonlight add health benefits to the dish. Thank you linking it to the diwali event.

  8. Lipsmacking pudding, looks super rich and very creamy..

  9. One of my favorites I love this dish.

  10. wow..what a great visual treat,yummy!

  11. Delicious dudh poha, we make it too Linsy. thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop. pinning.

  12. Delicious! Thanx for linking this recipe to my ongoing event- Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets

  13. It looks delicious ...Yummy looks .Will try it definitely.Keep sharing with us.

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