Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby Bok Choy and Tofu in Sweet and Sour Sauce

When I   visit to my Asian Store , I go crazy, get all kind of stuff and fill up my fridge and frozen. But it comes very handy during busy weeknights meals. So when I went there over weekend, I saw nice baby bok choy packets and could not control myself and got that along with my other stuff. Was thinking to make it on Thursday or Friday because I knew it's not going to last longer and I have to use it fast. I had asparagus in fridge and 1/4 block of Tofu too, So I added those in my stir fry and made a nice sweet and sour sauce and enjoy it with just plain white rice. Leftovers took it to office for next day lunch , so it is very economical also. Whole meal was under $3 and lasted two meal times, what not to love about that.

Ingredients :

5 Nice heads of Baby Bokchoy
4-5 Green Asparagus
1/4 tofu cut in cubes
1 small red onion
4-7 long slices of Ginger
2 tsp. oil

For Sweet and Sour Sauce :

1/3 cup rice vinegar
4 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. ketchup
1 tsp. Soya sauce
2 tsp. cornstarch mixed with 4 tsp. water


Chopped the down part of the bok choy and separate the leaves and wash it thoroughly. Because it has lot of sand in it, so you have to wash it nicely.
Cut the asparagus in big chunks.
Cut onion in match stick size.
Heat a wok, add oil in it.
When its nice and hot, add ginger and cook till you get the nice aroma of ginger in oil.
Add asparagus and cook for a 30 seconds.
Add onion and cook for 20 seconds.
Add bok choy and mix it and cover with lid so it gets cook fast and shrink it too , for a minute.
Add tofu.
Open up the lid, add, rice vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, soya sauce and 1/4 cup of water.
Cook on high flame so it cooks quickly.
Add cornstarch mixed water and mix it.
When sauce thickens up, shut off the flame and enjoy hot vegetables over hot steamy rice or noodles.

A2K - A Seasonal Veg Table: Eat Your Greens


  1. Lovely oriental dish! Bok choy is one of the most nutritious veggies you can get, too :)

    1. wow really didn't know that, thanks for telling, its my favorite veg.

  2. Lovely preparation.. so light and yummy.

  3. Whilst I cannot stand the texture of tofu, this does look delicious x

    1. thank you, its delicious and light and healthy

  4. Lovely yummy preparation. Looks too delicious.

  5. healthy and simple stir fry..I haven't used baby bokchoy,will give a try :)

    1. sure its really a delicious vegetable. thank you

  6. healthy and yummy stir fry....i too have never tried baby tempt me to try by posting all yummy recipes with lovely twist...

    1. Its your chance to eat vegetables during lent Gloria, make it most of it. thanks

  7. Of course. When its Asian, its love forever.

  8. What a lovely dish! I like the idea of the sweet and sour sauce and the ginger sounds wonderful too. Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

  9. Looks so interesting and yummy dish..... :)

  10. Looks healthy and yummy. Thank you for sharing with Eat Your Greens


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