Friday, June 26, 2015

Marigold Flower Juice - UC recipe

You know that my husband is suffering from #UC , so his life and my menu changed a lot in this last few months, cooking separate for him, taking care of his special dietary needs and always looking for something which gives him a bit of relief. So he found out that marigold flowers juice is good for him, was looking for that flowers in winter but was told that they are summer flowers and as soon as the weather warm up I saw it on the streets so he get that and planted it . It already has some small flowers , waited few days and it bloom, pluck it , washed it and made a juice out of it. You dont have to strain it , just grind it super fined in blender and drink it. Here is the link which says it good for #UC patients. Your needs might be different so drink it at your risk.

Ingredients :

4 Yellow Marigold Flowers
1 cup of water


Plucked the Marigold flowers and put them in lots of water so any sand or dirt goes away.
Take only yellow flower part, not the green part.
Add water in blender and flowers.
Grind it till it mix it nicely in water. 
Pour it in glass and Drink it immediately.


  1. Oh, I did not know that we can drink the juice of marigold flowers, yes they are the summer flowers. Wishing your husband fast recovery.

  2. first time hearing about this drink and it uses.prayer for speedy recovery

    1. Prayers are also going on, we are trying all we can do. Thanks babitha

  3. Never heard this before..... An informative post...... prayers for ur hubby's speedy recovery...

  4. Never tried juicing flowers before, sounds lovely!

  5. Hope he will be back to his usual health. Knowing about this juice is certainly informative.

  6. Seeing this recipe for the first time. Interesting !

  7. In India Marigold are Winter flowers however same temperature in US can be availed during summer days...hope he gets well soon with your care and dietary treatment

  8. Never made any juice like this before.Hoping for the best result .

  9. Get well soon wishes to your better half,healthy juice as well !

  10. aww wow something really diff

  11. Didn't know we can use marigold in a drink!
    nice one! Hope your husband get well soon!!

  12. never knew the health benefits of marigold....We are actually blessed by Nature ...God bless n grant healing to your hubby soon..

  13. I hope your husband recovers very soon! I didn't know marigolds were edible either - it's lovely you can make juice from them. Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop, Linsy. Tweeting!

  14. Who knew that you could juice these flowers. What a fantastic idea!

  15. Ok,,,but when is the time to drink this juice,,after meal or empty stomach


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