Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Singapore Curry Noddles

This week is all International flavors, first stop was Indonesian, second is S'pore. We both loves South Asian flavors, it has so variety of spices and no cheese at all and above all its very healthy. You guys must be wondering that why do I explore so much, that it has reasons, we both are fuddies. Before kids, we didn't mind to travel one or two hours for good food, after kids its not possible so I try to do that home. I cook only three days Indian food , if I serve Indian on 4th day, all 3 of my family members will make face saying we already had our share of Indian food this week , why today? so for the rest of the week its international cooking and thats the reason my blog has all kinds of world cuisines dishes there.

I just love this dish, we used to get it in our favorite Chinese restaurant, Its not spicy but the curry flavor in it has some kick and all those crunchy vegetables in it are delicious. You can add your choice of vegetables and protein, here I add vegetarian beef product which I got it from my south Asian store. You can fried tofu which is easily available in Asian store. I use ready made curry powder for this but if you don't have it mix cumin and coriander powder with turmeric powder. But try to get your hands on curry powder , which has all the spices in it and gives nice kick. Now this name suggest Singapore, but its origin is in Hong Kong , where chefs made this. You can find this in Singapore but under  the name of Sin Chew Bee Hoon , as per wiki. so lets get cooking.

Ingredients :

1 8-oz. pkg. rice vermicelli - if you don't find this use WW thin spaghetti
¾ cup low-sodium vegetable broth
3 Tbs. low-sodium soy sauce
1 tsp. rice wine vinegar
few dashes of Sriracha sauce
2 Tbs. oil
1/2 package vegetarian Beef ( separate and washed under water)

1 carrot, thinly slices
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 cup  thinly sliced napa cabbage or regular cabbage
1/4 zucchini thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
few thinly sliced ginger
1 or 2 thinly sliced green chili
2 Tbs. curry powder
Cut everything and get ready
Soak rice noodles in hot water 15 minutes, or until softened. Drain, and set aside. Make sure you don't over soak it , go as per package instructions otherwise your dish will ruin.
Whisk together broth, soy sauce, vinegar, sriracha ,  curry powder in bowl. Set aside.
Heat a wok over high heat. Add oil in it.
Add ginger, garlic and chili and cook till nice aroma comes. then add all vegetables and gluten product and cook for 2 minutes. Don't over cook the vegetables , need crunch in it , not mushy.
Add the curry mixture and noodles and mix thoroughly.
Stir fry till noodles absorbs all the flavors of curry powder for 1-2 minutes.
Remove from heat and serve with coriander leaves, sprouts and lime wedges. I just had it plain cause we were hungry.
Remember , all brands curry powder has different spices so first taste it and then add it in your dish.
If you can, eat this next day, it taste better next day with all the flavors go inside the dish.

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  1. Delicious noodles, looks inviting..

  2. this looks really delicious...

  3. Noodles all time favourite. With this curry flavour no words to xplain the taste. So yum.

  4. Looks yum! curry flavour is one of my best

  5. Must try this curry sauce flavoured noodles.

  6. All tym favorite noodles nd this curry noodles looks so yummy....

  7. Hi Linsy..happy to see an appetizing singapore noodles here...great it :-)

  8. Wow dear.. I can see so many yummy dishes these days..Singapore noodles look too yumm.

  9. looks filling n delicious,lovely !!!

  10. Looking very innovative. I have not seen vegetarian beef in UK but I suppose I could substitute it with tofu or Quorn?

    1. Oh ya, you can use anything or nothing too. Just vegetables are also good.

  11. Vegetarian beef, thats something i want to get, will search for it. Noodles looks super delicious.

  12. Never heard about veg beef.........very interesting recipe dear.

  13. Nice to see the Asian touches in the noodle dish. Lovely flavors and of course, we love love anything Asian.

  14. Noodles with curry...............looks yummy & tempting.Must try this.

  15. that looks super tempting with loads of veggies

  16. Did I tell you lately that you are absolutel best in coming up with yummliness?

    1. Thanks Minnie, its your "Buddapan" who gives me this much respect, I am nothing without all of my blogger friends.

  17. a wonderful and a simple dish to prepare....i am hearing vegetarian beef for he first it actually beef inside..??

    1. thanks Preetha, no its not actual beef, its gluten product, here in US we got imitate meat products , so who are trying to stay vegetarian but still need varieties , can use these food products.

  18. I love Singapore curry noodles. I don't eat the fake meat/gluten stuff (I am a vegetarian too) - I think tofu might be a good substitute?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, well its personal choice, I love to add different kind of protein because i get bored with always tofu in south asian food, you can add tofu too or just add other loads of vegetables.

  19. Though I am living in Singapore never tasted this noodles. Yours is tempting. Will try soon...

  20. Looks great :) Restaurent-styled as well :)

  21. Singapore curry noodles looks delicious love it thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  22. noodles looks very yummy n delicious.


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