Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chocolate Sandesh | Indian Cottage cheese with Chocolate

I just love to make paneer at home and use it in my dessert recipes. Not a big fan of savory paneer dishes. But love  paneer based desserts so much so when ever I have bad milk, use it to make paneer out of it and washed it nicely so I can use it for sweet dishes. Same way I had one cup of fresh paneer and wondering what I can make. Thought about making kheer but was not in a mood of standing in front of gas in the hot temperature and cook it. So made sandesh.

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh paneer
2 tbsp. cocoa powder or use grated chocolate also.
5-6 tbsp. sugar or as per your taste
few cashews for garnish
If you like you can add pinch of cardamom too.


Put paneer, cocoa powder and sugar in blender and mix it nicely. You can do it with hands too but machine works better.
Take it out in pan and cook till it leaves side. Mine took 10 minutes.

Spread it on dish and give shape as per your choice.
I make a square shape and put cashews on top of it.
Put it in fridge and enjoy as it is.

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  1. wow... i would love to have this...

  2. Wow dear this is a very different dessert to me I like it

  3. Chocolate Sandesh looks awesome.
    Would love to try this..

  4. Bad milk can be converted to paneer? I should try next time instead of throwing away. I like the simple way you have added a nice twist to it. Definitely a nice dessert.

    1. Yes Nava, I never throw away bad milk and make paneer from it. Never made it from good milk unless I have emergency.

  5. so yum and tempting burfi.. I have weakness for milk sweet!

  6. Oh they look perfect ..My mommy uses bad milk too for making paneer.

    1. yes its a better way to used up bad milk

    2. THanks for linking it to "first anniversary giveaway"

  7. I haven't heard of sandesh before, but it sounds yummy.

  8. loved the twist here...turning bad milk into paneer awesome :)

  9. chocolate n sandesh together?? loooks too good,kids delight :)

  10. This looks delicious perfect for navratri

  11. Loved this Linsy.. as i said i made and my daughter lapped it up :)

  12. Delicious chocolate sandesh, thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop. pinning.


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