Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Roasted Red Jalapenos Salsa

I think everyone's favorite snack is chips and salsa while watching tv or just to munch or for a party. You can not go wrong with this. Everyone has their favorite recipe to make one too. Either you can be boiled, roasted, raw, grind whatever you do, the end result will be amazing.

Today I am sharing with you a new way to make salsa. I am making this one from Red Jalapenos. This nothing but the ripe green jalapenos. It's not that as spicy as the green one. You need to roast, grill jalapenos, tomatoes and garlic and then finely chopped or just blend it. That also goes as per your liking, if you like puree kind of salsa, then make a puree, if you are chunky, then just blend one or two times only.

Ingredients : 

3 Red Jalapenos 
2 Tomatoes
2 Garlic Cloves
Salt as per taste
2 tbsp. finely chopped white onion
2 tbsp. finely chopped coriander leaves

Method : 

Roast the jalapenos, tomatoes and garlic. When its charred from all over, take it out from heat and put it in plastic or paper bag.

When it's cooldown, put those 3 ingredients in the blender and blend it as per your liking. 

I like chunky salsa so I just blend it 2-3 times only. 

Take it out, add salt and mix it. 

Put in a serving bowl, add onion and coriander and enjoy with chips or tacos, enchiladas, meats. 

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