Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No Oil Undhiyu

Whenever we think about undhiyu , it's always had oil running out of the dish, that's the reason when you had undhiyu, you feel very full after that. I just love undhiyu, I don't wait just for makar sankranti day to have it, I  make it year around, Its usually in me in my family who love this dish so  I always have frozen undhiyu mix in my freezer, when feel like it , take it out, make a green sauce or use it in  Undhiyu Pulav or   Achari Undhiyu  and you are done. Undhiyu is a very famous dish from Gujarat , made of mix vegetables and cooked in lot of oil and other spices.

Ingredients :

1 bag of frozen Undhiyu mix  ((Potatoes ,Broad beans , and lilva and papdi dana, Raw bananas  ,Yam ,Baby brinjals, Muthia)

2 cups of fresh coriander leaves
2 green chilies
1 " of ginger
2-3 tbsp. coconut
Lime juice and salt as per taste
Little Sugar
2 tbsp. undhiyu masala powder (ready made)
Salt to taste
Fresh coriander leaves chopped

Method :

Make a paste of coriander leaves, chilies, ginger, lime juice , salt , sugar, little water.
Keep it aside.
Heat a pan, add puree of coriander in it and cook it till its water burn up.
Add frozen undhiyu mix and masala powder and salt to taste and enough water to cook it.
When its done, sprinkle lime juice and fresh chopped coriander leaves and coconut and enjoy it with puri, roti , dal /kadhi , rice.

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  1. Hi Linsy...thx..going for a cooking demo this weekend on a theme no oil and no salt...this recipe wud be handy

    1. Thanks Biny. send me a picture of the dish if you make it

  2. I love undhiyu.. and oil free recipe is all the more better..will try it out.

  3. My hubby loves undhiyo but I don't make it often due to the oil. Now I have this wonderful oil free recipe I shall give it ago.What vegetables do you add in the undhiyo mix can you please list them.

    1. I have added vegetables in ingredients, but again you can take your favorite vegetables and make it this way. Thanks Nayna. let me know if you try it

  4. No oil undhiyu looks delicious, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  5. I love undhiyo... the oil free version is so delicious and healthy

  6. Your version of Undhiyo is Super delicious and healthy.Love this oil free version.

  7. oh wow, thats one super quick undhiyu! Looks delicious!

  8. I love undhiyu but not the one that has a ton of oil in it! That really puts me off. So occasionally the I make it when I get all the ingredients, I don't use too much oil. Obviously some people find that dry. You are so lucky you get frozen undhiyu mix.

  9. Wow.. this is such a quick undiyu with ready made masala powder. I always thought it is tedious process..looks so delicious

  10. Wow.. this is such a quick undiyu with ready made masala powder. I always thought it is tedious process..looks so delicious

  11. You are definitely making me drooling here. I always associated undiyu with oodles of oil. Love this easy way of cooking it. Do you get the frozen mix or you make your own. Sounds like a wonderful idea.

  12. That's a good way to make undhiyu with less oil. I must check if I ever get the ready masala here.

  13. This is a brand new recipe for me - I cant wait to try it. It looks so delicious!


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