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Kathiyawadi style Adad ni Dal / Split white gram lentils - World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is one of the most devastating illnesses, as it affects many organs in the body. Diabetes complications include heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, nervous system disease (neuropathy), and  amputation. A total of 25.8 million children and adults in the U.S. – 8.3% of the population have diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes (previously called Adult-Onset) is preventable, yet, in 2007, diabetes was listed as the underlying cause on 71,382 death certificates. This means that diabetes contributed to a total of 231,404 deaths. (American Diabetes Association,
To avoid or keep diabetes in control avoid all white food, like white rice, bread, sugar and so on.

Do exercise regularly and try to eat once a week bitter gourd, this vegetable is very useful to kick diabetes away. Keep in mind if your family have history of this , you might get it so try to avoid it by eating healthy diet and exercising.

Thanks Swathi for this wonderful Awareness event.

So keeping this in mind I am sharing this dish , which is very popular in western part of India.
India has famous four regions, in those four also we have lots of different cuisines. Same way in Gujarat (western part of India) also. Northern Gujarat called Kathiyawad. People and food of kathiyawad is so famous that on highways along side dhaba you find kathiyawadi food too. These people love to eat spicy yet tasty food. In Ahmedabad, there are very famous restaurant who serves only kathiayawadi food. If you know, our food dish called Thali. It contains  rice, dal, kadhi, puri, roti, pickle, farsan (snack), sweet, buttermilk. Same way Kathiyawadi thali is not finished if you don't have this particular dal in it. If you can find green garlic use that to give authentic taste.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup Adad ni dal (While split gram lentils)
1/2 cup chana dal (yellow dry split chickpea)
1 cup finely chopped tomato
1/2 tsp. turmeric powder
1 tsp. Jeera (cumin )
2 tsp.. Finely chopped garlic (the more garlic, its taste better)
1 tsp. Finley chopped ginger
1 tsp. finely chopped green chilies
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 tsp. oil
salt to taste
fresh coriander leaves chopped


Clean and soak the dals in water for 1 hour.
Pressure cook dals with turmeric powder, salt, tomatoes and 3 cups of water.
Cool it and keep it aside.
Heat a pan , add oil in it. Add Jeera in it.
When it changes the color, cook onion, ginger and garlic and green chilies.
Add dal in this masala and cook till it thickens.
Adjust the seasoning and garnish with coriander leaves.
Perfect accompanied for this dal is Bajri na rotla and garlic chutney and potato curry.

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  1. i always love dal splits... yes, nowadays it's so important to have a healthy lifestyle... thanks for sharing....

  2. Controlling the diet is utmost important when its about diabetes. Many just let go. My other half has been very careful and probably thats why he does not suffer the after effects. I will make this thick tempting dhal curry, not only for him but I can also enjoy the flavors with rice.

  3. Yummy... this is a common dal I make at least once a week. Love it.

  4. Nice dal.never heard this before.thanks for sharing............

  5. very healthy and delicious dal dear, love it....

  6. Love the delicious dal preparation, it is completely new to me. Thanks for sharing

  7. protien packed dal sounding yummy n tempting cliks.

  8. kathiyawadi.First time hearing this name.THanks for the info about diabetics.So ur askig me to eat chappathi.Now i started walkign out to reach ur house.

  9. Wow u guys are staying close by ?
    Pass me the dal and some rotis I will be a really happy person.

    1. ya , she lives just 6-7 blocks away from me. visit East Coast any time and you are more than welcome to stay with us.

  10. Thanks Linsy for joining me in creating awareness on diabetes on world diabetes day. Delicious and healthy dal, sure I am going to make this one for chapathi one day.

  11. very very delicious and healthy dal :)

  12. Healthy freaks should have book marked this recipe already as I did just now!! looking yummy dear!!

  13. Love the delicious dal, it is completely new to me.

  14. Looking very delicious.

    On-going event: Dish it out
    Eat seasonal food, fresh

  15. Yummy daal. It is comfort food for me. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Super duper one! Just read your recipe... Liked an addition of chana dal here :) Will use it next time for sure!!! Btw... Are you going to parcel me some with a piece of rotlo??!!! ;)

    1. sure , call me and give me your address and will send u parcel.

  17. I adore spicy lentils - these look delicious!

  18. Dal looks very comforting, healthy and excellent..

  19. Delicious and healthy dal!!!

  20. Healthy and yummy daal preparation... Looks inviting..

  21. That is delicious and so healthy!!! thanks for sharing this authentic and tasty dish!!
    chowringhee in Laxmi Nagar


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