Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Made Red Enchiladas Sauce with Roasted Tomatoes

I love Mexican food and Once a week I always make it too. Its been long since I have posted any Mexican recipe and I was going thru it and realize I don't have basic enchiladas sauce recipe on blog and without any delay I made it so I can share it with you all. This sauce is very versatile, you can use it on enchiladas, chimichanga or any other Mexican dishes where you need sauce. This is basic red sauce, other sauces will follow also. I like to prepare with basic ingredients which everyone have in their pantry, does not require any fancy gadgets or spices. What's the use of recipe where you have to buy its ingredients just to make it once and if GOD forbid if your family doesn't like it , it goes waste. This sauce is perfect for 4 enchiladas.

Ingredients :

4 big red tomatoes
1 guajillo pepper soaked in water
2 Kashmiri dry red chilies (just for color)optional
4 cloves garlic
1 tsp. Mexican seasoning
1 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. garlic powder
salt to taste
1 tsp.oil


First soak guajillo pepper in water so it become soft, at least for 10 minutes.
Roast tomatoes, garlic (don't peel it just roast it as it is), Kashmiri red chili until its charred from all the side.
Let it cool it.
Then put it in grinder tomatoes, peeled garlic, Kashmiri red chili and guajilli chili (removed the seeds from inside). Grind it till its become nice and thick puree. No need to add water.
Heat a pan , add oil in it. When its hot, add the puree, add paprika, garlic powder, salt and Mexican seasoning and boil it on low flame for good 10-15 minutes.
Stir it in between.
When there is no bubbles left, turn off the gas and let it cool down for your usage, otherwise sauce will leave water and your main dish will ruined.
Use as it is required. You can store this by putting it in ice tray and use it when ever needed.

You can use it for Enchiladas


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  1. Never knew it can be made at home so easily..Great....

  2. love this colour....Great to know this homemade recipe

  3. Wow!! looking great and you have explained it clearly

  4. Sauce looks perfect, waiting for upcoming main dishes with them ;)

  5. Loved this sauce Linsy.. The pictures look soo fresh and vibrant.. Will try my hands at these soon :-)

  6. Wonderfully made Lincy, thanks for sharing...

  7. Shall try this beautifully colored sauce. I suppose you can use it for types of food as dipping too.

  8. Never heard of guajilli pepper and addiing kashmiri chillis to the sauce for colour is a good idea. Will try it.

  9. wow wonderful enchiladas sauce :) very vibrant color and sauce looks fingerlicking gud :)

  10. Nice recipe Linsy.. Love that color of the sauce

  11. Delicious homemade red enchliada sauce Linsy love to try. it.

    1. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul Blog hop

  12. Oooo enchilada sauce looks really inviting ,both platters enchilada and chile are my favorite..

  13. Are you sending me a jar of it? Or I've to make it by myself :( I'm sure to have super-flavorful sauce due to roasted tomatoes here :)

    Your comment is awaited on :)

  14. flavorful sauce, and the platter looks inviting..

  15. to me..nice step wise cliks.

  16. looks good,would love to try it

  17. Very interesting sauce Linsy...sounds delicious.

  18. best suited for indian tastebuds dear!! I think mexican food has some touch of indian taste..! love it!!

  19. Sauce looks perfect. Nothing beats home made. Thanks for linking.

  20. Perfect & wonderful sauce. Thanks for linking.

  21. I love recipes using chilli and garlic, so much more tasty than bland food. This recipe is healthy and appetising.

  22. What a great recipe - and so versatile too. Thank you so much for sharing in The Spice Trail challenge!


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