Monday, January 14, 2013

Besan Chilla Sandwich / Gram Flour pancakes

This one is one of my favorite snack dish. My mom used to make this for lunch or even for diner when we had heavy lunch. Besan / Chickpea flour is very useful ingredient in Indian cooking. you can makee appetizers/ fritters, curries, parathas or even desserts.

Chilla is an Indian pancake made from besan. Traditionally its cooked in a skillet using a good amount of oil or even butter (which i don't use it). It's important to use the right amount of heat for the chilla to be perfect. If the skillet is too hot then chilla will be over cooked or sometimes burnt from outside but uncooked inside. Cooking on very low heat may result in a dessicated chilla. So take care of the heat when you plan to make this.

You can use tomatoes, finely chopped onions, finely chopped spinach. possibilities are endless with this chilla. If you are making it for kids add cheese, grated carrot , broccoli.  They will love it and we will be happy to feed them vegetables.


1 cup Besan
1 cup water
1/4 tsp ajwain (carom seeds)
salt to taste
2 tsp grated ginger
2 tsp finely chopped green chilies
1 tsp haldi powder
1 tsp red chili powder (if u don't like to make it spicy you can omit this)
1/3 cup chopped coriander leaves 
2 tsp crushed kasoori methi
1 tsp oil

Mix Besan with all the ingredients. Add water to make  batter.
Batter should not be too thick or watery.
Heat non stick pan , Pour 1/3 cup of batter in the pan. spread it all over the pan like dosa.
Cook on medium flame  for few minutes till its nice and reddish from both side.
You can serve it with ketch up or mint or coriander chutney as it is 

spread mint coriander chutney on chilla and fold it and cut it in triangle and make a sandwich. 


  1. healthy and new way of making the chilla more yummy !!

  2. Must make a good breakfast recipe :) Looks good dear!!

  3. healthy n tasty pancakes...i usually make this for our evening snack with some spicy chutney!

  4. wow very beautiful....well presented n yummy

  5. During winters my mom used to make this for us at least once a week!

  6. delicious accompany for a fast meal...

  7. Lovely chilla..all time favorite. Love the way you have used in a sandwich.

  8. We call this pudla. The best weekend brunch ever! We add whatever veg we have at hand and even cheese for the kids. Nice post, thanks :)

  9. Thanx a lot for giving me a prestigious award! It's my first one and lovely pancakes!! You have a nice space and thanx for sharing!!

  10. I adore chillas!! This looks so yummmm!!!

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  12. nice breakfast / snack idea... I was looking for a bread when you said sandwich :-)

    thanks for linking !

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  13. wow!!Great recipe for breakfast..
    Thanks for sharing with the event

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  16. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it out...
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