Monday, July 14, 2014

Chimichurri Sauce

Did you ever heard about this Chimichurri sauce? This is a very famous Argentinean  sauce / condiment for steak. Its a green sauce made out of flat leaf parsley used for grilled meat mostly in Argentina. Or they use for marinade also. Its basically their pesto , because it has parsley , garlic, red or white vinegar, olive oil and oregano, that's it. You can finely chopped it or pulse it in the grinder or make a fine paste, its your choice. But since we are vegetarian, wanted to use it in my mexican dish. So I use it for my fajitas, top it on my vegetables and cheese on flat taco bed. Even you can dip your tortilla chips in it too, use it for chicken, pasta dishes,thin in out for salad dressing, fish too. Possibilities are endless and as easy as one two three.

Ingredients : 

1 cup flat leaf parsley only leaves , washed
2 big cloves of garlic
2 tsp. dried oregano (if you can find fresh then use 2 tbsp. because fresh don't have that much flavor as dried one has)
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tbsp. red or white wine vinegar
salt and black pepper , red chili flakes as per taste


Finely chopped parsley, fresh oregano and garlic or pulse it in the food processor. I like nice and smooth so I made fine puree.
Take it out in a bowl.
Add in olive oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper, red chili flakes and mix it.
Serve immediately or refrigerate. Before use, take it out and keep it in room temperature and then use it within two days.
Use it for marinade or as a side dish.

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  1. Never heard of this sauce...looks tempting.

  2. Looks really nice- a change from tomato sauce with everything Mexican!

  3. I have heard of this sauce but never tasted.. Looks nice..

  4. never heard of this sauce..interesting

  5. this sauce looks super ...interesting recipe dear

  6. happy that you try many new recipes,this is unique..have never heard about it but flavorful with parsley n oregano :)

  7. love chimichurri on steaks and love the way you have done it.

  8. Interesting recipe dear...... Heard first time and looks yummm!!

  9. Love the way u make vegetarian so much fun.Such flavorful chimichuri.

  10. wow...the sauce looks interesting

  11. Never heard of this saice., interesting and ecipe

  12. We love making this sauce. We usually have it with steak, garlic potatoes and salad.

    Dannii - Hungry Healthy Happy

  13. I made chimichurri yesterday and had it with pasta. It tastes lovely. Visit my blog.

  14. I have never heard of this before but I like the sound of it. Bookmarked it to try soon.

  15. This chimichurri sauce looks just simply out of the world,i can have simply with pastas.

  16. Interesting recipe Linsy...sauce looks healthy and delicious!

  17. Love the scent of coriander leaves; ever and always. Nice versatile dip.

  18. Chimmichuri sauce looks awesome. thanks for sharing with hearth and Soul blog hop. pinning it.

  19. What a lovely, fresh and delicious Chimichurri sauce. Thank you for sharing it with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. Pinned!

  20. We're having fajitas for dinner - this would be perfect with it. Great entry for this month's Spice Trail challenge. Thanks for taking part!


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