Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Actual Buffalo wings are from chicken. Story goes like this, when one restaurant owner in Buffalo, NY had unexpected guests in their restaurant at the time of closing. They wanted to feed them something fast and tasty so she came up with the idea. She took the chicken wings which normally they don't use for cooking only for stock, tossing them in spicy cayanne pepper sauce and deep fry it and served it with Blue cheese sauce. Everyone loved it and hence the name. Since We are vegetarians, I used Cauliflower to make this. Same way you can use chicken, seafood, paneer , tofu. broccoli, potatoes. This vegetable is now not only for curries or paraths. Before I made Cauliflower crust pizza cheese sticks. I  made it in two batches, one mildy spicy and one extra spicy for me. You can always adjust as per your taste.

This is for my mom, we both love spicy food and I am her copy too in looks. My mom is an excellent cook in her own way. For us she is still the best in every way, its cooking or caring, no one can do what she is doing for me and my sister and ofcourse our dad too.

    1 head cauliflower
For the batter:
Dash of Hot Sauce
1  cup Butter milk
½ c. white rice flour
½ c. water
Salt and pepper to taste

For the Buffalo sauce:
¼ c. Hot Sauce
¼ c. canola oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Method :

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

For the Batter, put all its ingredients in a bowl and mix together.

Break down the cauliflower into smaller pieces, bite size. Dip the pieces in the batter. Make sure it’s completely covered with the batter.

On a baking pan covered with baking paper place the dipped cauliflower and bake for 15-20 minutes.

For the sauce, put all its ingredients in a bowl and mix together.

After the cauliflower are out of the oven, sprinkle the sauce over it and bake again for 5 minutes more.

Serve it hot with Celery and Blue cheese dressing.

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  1. Wow cauliflower bites look so yummy almost like chicken in pics..beautiful.

  2. Great recipe.. Loved the idea of these bites... Wish I could have some right now Linsy ;-)

  3. hey that's a really interesting recipe... yumm...

  4. very tempting and yummy, I love buffalo chicken, this looks just like that...

  5. innovative idea, looks very crispy and yummy.

  6. This luks yummy. Haven't ever tried this.

  7. Buffalo Cauliflower another innovative dish from your end!
    Love the fact that, this does not require any deep frying!
    Looks crunchy and perfect!

  8. Thats quite innovative. Am relieved by the buffalo story....otherwise everytime buffallow chicken or something appeared before me, i would go into dilemma thiking buffallow...u can understand... Any ways i love ur cauliflower buffalo recipe....Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. That is a great take on Buffalo wings. Yard House sells vegetable chicken wings..I swear you could not make out the difference. So you are absolutely right.....vegetables can be so versatile!

  10. I adore the vegetarian version too. Its like a perfect chance, away from chicken wings and with caulis.

  11. wish i could have this on this rainy day:)

  12. Luv the vegetarian version, looks droolicious!

  13. Very unique recipe dear. Loved it.

    today's post:

  14. Very healthy as no deep fry.. And love the name too :)

  15. That is yummy cauliflower bites, I like that you made it very nicely.

    1. thanks for sharing with 3rd anniversary Hearth and Soul blog hop and giveaway.

  16. looks super yummy and a good appetizer..

  17. loved your veggie version. looks so delicious

  18. Looks tempting...Will try this one...Thanks

  19. saw this in my faceook updates and was ! definitely need to come over to ur blog ! its perfect..crispy yummy snack. Hope u like my facebook page too - note'y pic's.

  20. This is such a lovely and beautiful dish. Loved it :)

  21. What a fabulous idea! This is such a great vegetarian alternative to Buffalo Chicken Wings - not only is it vegetarian, it's healthier too :)

  22. loved u r baked version,it looks terrific.

  23. Fantastic, Linsy. Thanks for bringing it on over. Cheers

  24. Loved the info and the interesting dish

  25. Love to finish that plate, irresistible..

  26. I am making this tonight :D Your recipes are just fabulous!!!!

  27. Great recipe... This could be a very good evening snack...


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