Monday, November 10, 2014

Mezze Platter My Way - Sundried tomato hummus and Baba Ganoush with homemade pita chips

One day for lunch I need something quick and healthy. I had packet of sun dried tomatoes and eggplant so was thinking making this only. To make baba ganoush it was a challenge my huby gave me. We went to Canada during summer and one restaurant we had Pita sandwich. It came with sides of tahini, hummus and baba ganoush. He told me that time that make same way baba ganoush and I will fulfill your desire to do something which you wanted for long. I accepted challenge. So that day when I was making this , I was very cautious and focus. Made it and he loved it but he still have to fulfilled his promise, which I will make sure he does when time arise. I just hope he remembered what was my wish, because I have no idea what I wanted.

  Baked Pita Chips & Hummus

I made same way hummus too just added 5 sundried tomatoes in it.

Baba Ganoush :

Ingredients :

1 Large Eggplant
2 clove garlic
salt to taste
1/4 cup chopped parsley or you can use coriander leaves
2 tbsp. Tahini
2 tbsp. lime juice


You can roast the eggplant on gas or in the oven. Just make sure it cook from inside too. I did it on open flame on gas.
Grill the eggplant on gas flame ,rotating it around so it cooks from all the sides and skin is completely charred.

Once its done, Let it cool  and cut it in half lengthwise and drain all the liquid.
Scoop the pulp in food processor , add garlic , tahini and parsley in it.
Make it smooth puree and take it out in bowl.
Add salt and lime juice and  mix it.
Dip homemade pita chips in it and enjoy.

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  1. Anything cooked with eggplant enlightens me like crazy. This is such a flavorful dish.

  2. i am loving theis recuoe just wow

  3. Lovely! Two of my faves. Hope you get your wish, whatever it was :)

  4. i love this any day:) great recipe:)
    It is spelled as Mezze :)

  5. this is lovely recipe.. Pass me that plate

  6. super yummy ..just love this...looks too yumm

  7. Our family favourite .. we have them often.

  8. Healthy and flavorful,will surely try this.

  9. Always heard and saw in travel shows,but Never tried,
    It looks really nice and delicious..

    1. Thanks Jeena and welcome to my space, hope to see you more here, will see you at your space too

  10. Your Baba Ganoush sounds delicious! I also like the idea of adding the sundried tomatoes to the hummus. Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul hop and I hope you get your wish!


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