Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Harissa Spiced Mogo ( Yuca / Cassava)

I just love Mogo , Its called Yuca here in US but in Africa , its known as Mogo. Its very hard to cut it thru outer shell but when its cut and boiled and its ready to take any flavor you want to take a dip in it.

Before I made it  this way. and few other times also but that looking for new way to make it and I had  Harissa paste in the fridge and boiled mogo was there and then it was match made in my kitchen. I was making sure that I can leave something for next day but could not resist and finish everything.

You can make it as stir fry Chili mogo also but lot of people make it that way so I wanted something different and here it is.

For Harissa paste you can either use home made or ready made, its your choice.  I used ready made so not giving recipe here.

Ingredients : 

3 Big Yuca
1 Chopped onion in big cubes
3 Tbsp Harissa paste or more if you like more spicy
Salt if needed
Few slices of Ginger and garlic
Fresh chives for garnish
1 tbsp Oil
Fresh Lemon cut in cubes

Method : 

Cut and boil yuca.

keep it on side in colander so all the water drain out of it.

Heat a Non stick pan, add oil in it, when it hot, add onion in it. Cook till its pink.

Add ginger and garlic.

Add boiled yuca and  Harissa paste and mix it such a way that yuca doesn't break and still paste mix it all over it.

cook for a minute or two.

Since Harissa has all the spices, you dont need extra salt in it but if you still need it , add it as per your taste.

Shut off the gas, squeeze the lemon juice and sprinkle garlic chives on it.

Enjoy it with the side of more lemon and harissa pate. Mogo is ready to dig in.

Its perfect for finger food, party appetizer.

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  1. hearing about it for the first time. sounds interesting.


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