Friday, August 16, 2013

Chocolate Rasgulla (Roshogulla) in Brown Sugar Syrup

I had so much fresh paneer  in the fridge and don't know what to do with it. Then I thought why not to make Rasgulla. Because I tried to made it past and didn't succeed so I wanted to try it again. But not same old Rasgulla but with some twist so I added teaspoon of cocoa powder in it and make a syrup from brown sugar. It gives nice earthy flavor from brown sugar and it has a nice sweetness. I am not a big fan of sweets specially too sweet so this kind of "healthy" twist is always welcome.

I am out for the weekend , will see you all on Monday.

Ingredients :

1 cup of mashed paneer
1 tsp of cocoa powder
4 cups  of water
2 cups of brown sugar


Knead the paneer till its smooth and creamy. You can use mixture too for this.
Then add cocoa powder and mix it again.
Make small balls out of it and keep it aside.
In a big pot add water and brown sugar and bring it to boil for 5 minutes.
Add those chocolate balls in it and let is cook it for 15 minutes with lid on top of the pan.
Don't overcrowd the pan, if its too much do it in batches.
Once its in syrup its going to expand so be very careful while you put balls in it.
After 15 minutes turn off the heat.
You can eat it once it is on room temperature or chill it in fridge for few hours and enjoy it.

It doesn't look pretty as white one but believe me its tasty.

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  1. Hmm rasgulla with chocolate that sounds interesting.

  2. wow chocolate rosagulla. love to try that.

  3. When I saw in thumbnail, I felt those were mushrooms!!! Just clicked to view recipe n found its actually chocolate rasogulla :) Lovely one dear... I never imagined this authentic sweet dish wit chocolate flavor :) Superlike...

  4. Wow, another creative recipe. First time of seeing choc rasgulla and really, good to goodness. Also, the healthy is what people are looking for these days.

  5. super linsy.lovely idea.there will be more takers for it.

  6. Looks different ...Chocolate flavour ...YUM YUM :)

  7. very different and looks delicious...

  8. lovey, delicious and very different...

  9. Very innovative, thanks for sending them to lets cook with cheese event.

  10. very innovative recipe!! Looks yum, Linsy...

  11. feel like grabbing some off the screen!!!

  12. Delicious and spongy rasgulla's.. Wish I could have some Linsy :-)

  13. Chocolate + Rasgulla wow! now that's one unique & delicious combination :)

  14. wow lovely innovation dear :) very unique rasgulla and looks yummy :)

  15. Looks delecious yaar, luvely rasagulla

  16. I beleive u It should be tasty :) Its so different and innovative :)

  17. That's a great twist!!!! Love it. You are too good.

    My dinner party Extravaganza is back :) Do link up.

  18. Innovative and very interesting twist of adding cocoa to the Rasgollas.. Love it ..

  19. extra paneer put to great use. innovative! everything tastes better with chocolate

  20. OMG.. they are adorable.. How I wish I was at your place to try them.. :) Liked the idea behind

  21. Very unique and tempting rasgullas..Innovative.

  22. chocolate and rasgullas what a deadly combo....awesome...!

  23. Thanks for linking this to my event!!! As I said, quite innovative :)

  24. oh that is a delicious one!! love the addition of chocolate!!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!


  25. Looks really yummy and delicious!


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