Saturday, September 13, 2014

Product Review - COCOZIA Coconut water

Remember when I did review first time of this product back in October 2013, since then Me and my son fell in love with this product. Whenever we go out , he always make sure we have coconut water. In mean time I won one competition and in then I had amazon card, so I make sure that I buy this product to make him happy. So When Diana from Epicurex email me about to review this product again , I quickly said yes because its like making my son happy is so easy and above all she told me that its now in bigger size too. That was awesome too.

so When I told my son that I am getting one box of coconut water, he hugged me and said mom you are awesome, BTW , awesome is his favorite word. When the box came, he was literally dancing.
I open it and he took one and put it in fridge. You know now they have this big size, 16.9 oz container, easy to pour in glass and you can take whatever you want it in glass and put it rest in fridge. So no waste.

When it was cold , he took it out and just finished it before doing homework.
Order it today thru and you will love it too.

Thanks Diana for giving me this opportunity to taste this amazing delicious drink.

Review of this product is 100% mine.

To order this ,  click here,


  1. Nice ans crisp review dear.. I can imagine ur son s excitement :)

  2. Wonderful drink and I'm sure its much loved by all of you.

  3. very nice review your son is happy ..

  4. Looking for cocozia now ..Great review linsy

  5. Wow Linsy!! this is so good!! We too are fans of coconut water. i can totally understand the craving..

  6. thanks for sharing us the lovely review dear


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