Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshot # 4

This week's task to shot Whole spices and for this is , I did this. I don't like to waste food even for pictures, so I try to use the spices such a way that I can collect it after I am done and it don't wasted.

First two with camera

this one from phone.

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Updated one. 


  1. Attractive and I can't say no to spices.

  2. bay leaf and cinnamon like a plant thats a nice idea. Linsy mix all the spices and take pics and ask ur daughter to sort it out later they would love to do it.

  3. Its a nice click. Pretty much bbbbbeeeetttter then your other shots:) See you are working hard now ;)

  4. Good post Linsy . Share your page in my fb page

  5. I love paneer BBQ ....... Looks tempting !


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