Saturday, January 16, 2016

Avocado Toast with Egg

Weekdays I am busy to rush out of the door so don't even think about breakfast. When Weekends are good, specially sundays, because saturdays are also like weekday for us , kids and hubby have to go to Vidyapith so same schedule as rest of the five days but sometimes I get time on saturdays too and enjoy my quiet time, so one of those kind of day, I think to make something different for my breakfast, have leftover mashed avocado from last night ,(that's why it's not that green in the picture), was not in a mood to eat it with chips and I wanted to make egg for me so thought why not to make toast with both the things, so toast the bread, make egg, make tea on other side and voila breakfast is ready with side of chorafali, other gujju special snack.

There is no recipe for this, you can use fried egg, boiled egg or even make scramble egg and put it on avocado.


1 avocado - mashed , add salt and lime juice and keep it aside.
1 Fried egg
2 slices of toasted bread ( mine was brown)
2 tbsp of grated cheese

Method : 

Toast your bread.

Apply generous amount of mashed avocado, sprinkle some cheese, put your fried egg and enjoy with hot ginger tea or coffee.

You can put roasted corn, black beans, sliced onions.

Hearth and Soul Blog Hop: 4th week - Zesty South Indian Kitchen


  1. A healthy and delicious breakfast...

  2. I often add an egg to my avocado toast, but adding cheese too is a great idea, yummy!

  3. This is my favourite quick and easy breakfast. I like the addition of cheese here too.

  4. HeAlth and taste together!
    Love the idea!

  5. healthy and delicious breakfast option

  6. What a great way to love your leftovers and have a delicious healthy, breakfast! Thank you for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Hop, Linsy!


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