Saturday, July 30, 2016

Orange and Peach Creamsicle Shake

Every day is 90+ temperature so for that time you don't like something hot and spicy to eat or drink. So what do you do when kids want some healthy snack? Well make something cool so its good for them too and still they love it. So made this orange creamsicle shake, just orange juice, frozen banana , ice cream and they loved it. You can put whip cream on top or same vanilla ice cream what ever you like or kids like and enjoy it on hot sunny day.

Skip the ice cream and you can have it Vegan milk shake with almond, hemp, cashew or soya milk.

Ingredients : 

1 Frozen Ripe Banana cut in chunks
2 tsp. Vanilla essence
1/2 cup each orange and Peach juice (you can either of it)
2 big scoops of Vanilla ice cream, 1 scoop extra to put it on top
2 tsp. Orange Zest - Optional


Put everything in blender and mix it till nice and frothy.

Pour it in Tall glass and put one scope of ice cream or whip cream on top and enjoy it.


  1. You just need this type for the hot climate... so refreshing...

  2. This is perfect for the summer to enjoy. It will certainly cool you down.

  3. Yummy combo and refreshing shake... :)


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