Friday, July 31, 2020

Grow Micro greens without soil

So I was always interested to see how to grow micro greens since now a days its hot topic or its packed with nutrition. Micro greens are very good in antioxidants too. But to grow it in soil I was not interested since I have a brown thump in that and I didn't want to tell my husband to do it so I wanted to try do it with soil and I experiment it and It was successful. My first batch of Micro greens are done and used and I am ready for my next batch. Normal use of it to add it in salad which grown ups like it but I wanted to give it to my kids also and kids dont like salad as adults so I used to the way we make dal palak but instead of spinach I added greens and used in thepla instead of other greens.

So star growing this without soil.

I have put the two different seeds in one container but you can do it separate seeds for separate containers.

You will need

2 tbsp each mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, chia seeds, Flax seeds. You can try broccoli,radish or any of your choice seeds
2 to 4 plastic containers, here I have used empty croissant plastic container, you can use strawberry containers too

 Method :

Take two containers, Soak paper towel and spred it on container.

Sprinkle seeds on both, make sure it covers whole area .

Sprinkle water on it.

Leave it for 3 days in dark or until little sprouts don't come out.

Don't forget to water it twice a day.

now its time to bring it out in sun. Keep it where sunlight comes inside of your home and water twice a day.

In 3 days your greens will be ready.

Time for harvest.


  1. Wow! This is awesome. Thanks Linsy I will definitely try growing microgreens. We love salads but using them in dals is a great idea.

  2. Wow! This is wonderful. I love microgreens, but I have never tried growing them at home. Thank you for the very informative and interesting post. :)

  3. Interesting post. I must try growing these micro-greens. They are indeed healthy.

  4. Linsy, I tried growing mustard seeds without soil and after two days the seeds sprouted but it started smelling really bad. It perhaps could be because of the water, am not sure. However, your post is encouraging me to try again. Microgreens is a big thing now in the food scenery world over.

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