Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Galka nu shak / Indian zucchini curry - Silk Gourd Curry - Guest post for Gloria

On Monday, Gloria was guest at my space , today I am at her. Just love the feelings to share the space.

Did you guys check this Marzipan recipe at Pepper, Chilli and Vanilla , run by Gloria Fernandes? If not check it out , she made it so nicely and easy. Gosh I love to do that one day. She has awesome recipes both veg and non veg and her desserts are mind blowing. We both had our blog anniversary in July so I asked her for guest post and she asked me too. So we both did  guest post  for each other. Read more about my today's dish at her space.

I just love all the vegetables so now and then I make this dishes to go with rotis or rice but when my parents were visiting and we had chance, we went down to memory lane and make this shak with khichdi. We used to had this back home every summer for diner. That time we didn't have leftover tradition so what ever mom makes, we finished up everything and if we have little bit left, we used to eat it in kadai only, means in which mom made shak (curry) we add khichdi in it and eat it. It is saying if you eat this way, in your marriage , rain will come for sure. This happend to my sister's wedding. We had so bad rain that day that pots in which cooks have to make food, was floating but we managed to did everything  and wedding was done nicely and now from last 20 + years she is settled in Canada and happily married. so coming back to this dish, lets start cooking.

Check out my today's recipe Galka nu shak here.

Thanks Gloria for the honor to share you space. Bless you Girl.
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  1. I think v have to wait more for the recipe. :) its not up yet @Gloria's space

  2. Looks so delicious! Will hop over to Gloria's space to check out the recipe!

  3. good to go through about your sister' marriage story...

  4. hai Linsy. hope you keeping well. Was away from the blogworld for some time. So wanted to catch up on all of you. Interesting dish with zuchinni. we call it koosa here in the middle east.

    1. Welcome Back Sona, will check out your space for new updates too.

  5. I need the recipe for our next veg meal. Its really delicious and over now to Gloria's space.

  6. I make it often too.. we don't get ridge gourd here and this tastes quite like it.

  7. Welcome back,Linsy..hope u had great fun trip :)
    Lovely guest post,just saw it at Gloria's space !!

  8. wonderful guest post with wonderful recipe...good one!

  9. nice understanding.... good dish too...

  10. Tempting and flavorful curry...... Looks yumm!!

  11. Thanks a lot dear for a mouth watering post..

  12. Your zucchini curry sounds delicious and is such a great way to use all the lovely seasonal zucchini we are getting at the moment. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul hop. Pinned!

  13. This looks wonderful. I adore the flavour and texture of curried courgettes. Thanks so much for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. Sorry I was particularly slow getting over for this one. I've pinned it to my food board and a tweet will go out shortly :)


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