Sunday, December 7, 2014

SS # 7 -Tomato

So we all were waiting for another task for this Saturday Snapshots and we got it, finally. It was good old tomatoes to click on. But has to be whole , so I did it whatever I have it in fridge. Didn't go to farmer's market to buy new red or colorful tomatoes because that is not what I am. Like to work on things or stuff which I have it on hand. that's the reason I don't go out and buy props too, That's my thing , others can do whatever they want to do . so here I clicked some pictures let me know which one you like the best.

From the Camera : 

playing with the lights and different effects :

since lot of B/W pictures were going on , thought to try it too.

Below are from my phone

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  1. nice snaps dear..loved the first click taken with your phone the most :)

  2. its is good pics collection, however please dont use flash (if u really want to learn food photography;)
    Else the good attempt:)


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