Friday, December 5, 2014

Penne Pasta in Jalapenos Cream Sauce

Did you guys seen the movie "Queen"? In that movie, when Kangana goes to Italian restuarant, she ordered one dish and the owner asked her how do you like this dish? she says it need salt, pepper, ginger, red chili flakes , and he said that you Indians put chilies in everything and he was so mad that he asked to go and take her money with her too. I was imaging that when I came to this country, everything for me was so bland , I remembered I used to empty hot sauce bottle on my food, But then I get the idea of other cuisines and started to enjoy it but still by adding spiciness in it. Same way, I don't like pasta in tomato sauce , yes when there is no time and I have to cook fast, just mix everything and I am done, but when taking time to make dinner, love to use different sauces. So one time my husband made this dish but only with jalapenos , it was this. It was really good.

But didn't get enough vegetables in it so when I decided to make it , I added vegetables in it and it was delicious too. 

Ingredients :

4 cups cooked WW penne 
2 deseeded Jalapenos thinly chopped
1 carrot thinly chopped
3 shallots finely chopped
8 oz. heavy cream 
4 fresh garlic finely chopped
1/2 each red and green capsicum finely chopped
Salt and black pepper to taste
Few leaves of fresh basil 
Few black olives chopped
Italian seasoning as per taste
Red chili flakes -optional
2 tsp. olive oil


In a wok, add olive oil. 
Add garlic and cook for a minute. Then add jalapenos and cook for a minute. 
Add all the vegetables and cook for a minute. 
Dont over cook it. 
then add heavy cream as per your pasta's quantity , don't make it too runny sauce, you need to coat the pasta.
Add pasta and salt and pepper and italian seasoning and cook it on medium flame for 2-3 minutes. 
When its done, add olives and chopped basil and enjoy it with garlic bread. 

If you don't have heavy cream handy, use any cream sauce and add it.


  1. wow winter special and this looks so warm

    1. Yes it is , winter want some spicy dishes and this is perfect

  2. even I too don't like pasta in tomato sauce...its a must try

  3. wow..that's perfect for a dinner,yummm :)

  4. looks so creamy dear!! love to have it for the entire dinner!!

  5. nice and spicy. I want to see the movie, need to get a DVD. After a few days during my trip to Italy, I did start missing chillis. None of the restaurants served chillis or chilli flakes like most Italian restaurants here and in India do!

    1. I think its outside Italy everyone wants spice, they don't need it. try to watch that movie, its fun,

  6. def a different combo..yummy ones

  7. Delicious creamy pasta, love the flavors.

  8. I love pasta and penne is one of my favourites. This sauce looks really different and tasty.

  9. Looks too tempting.. Restaurant style it looks..


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