Friday, February 6, 2015

Carrot Halwa Roulade

Well we all make carrot halwa as soon , winter's cold air touches us. I also make it but this time I just wanted to show you how to represent different way, its same traditional way to make halwa but presenting and having different way , changes whole dish and eating become more enjoyable. Well I am not master in taking pictures or presenting food right but this is idea , you all more qualified people take nice pictures and you can call it a day. I saw this on TV show and like the idea so inspired from that only. I am not ashamed to saying that yes I like someone's idea and recipe and then I am sharing with you all. I know people making and sharing other people's recipes and claiming that they invented this. God bless them and hope they can keep stealing someone's idea so that way also more people make that and stay happy. You can make gajar ka halwa as you make it, but after its done, take parchment paper, spread ghee on it and make a big roll , keep it in fridge overnight and next day cut it in rounds. Roulade means rolls and same thing we are doing here, cutting traditional Gajar ka halwa in rolls and presenting in a new way. To cut the cooking time, I cooked carrot in microwave so its fast too.

Got microwave idea from my sister's blog, here  Hot N Steamy Food: Quick Gajar(Carrot) Halwa

Ingredients : 

1 lb. Carrot, washed, peeled and shredded
1 can of Condensed milk
1 Pinch of cardamom powder
1/4 cup milk
1 cup Milk powder
2 tbsp or more as per your choice nuts, Almond and cashew , pista, raisin Chopped


Put shredded carrot in microwave safe bowl and cook for 6 minutes or its almost cooked.
Now transfer it to big pan.
Add carrot, condensed milk, milk , cardamom powder, milk powder and cook till all liquid is gone and it forms one big lump.
Check the sugar level , if you need more, add more.
Take parchment paper, apply ghee on it and spread the halwa on it. Sprinkle nuts on top.

I did it on two papers, because it was more halwa.

Roll it nicely and put it in fridge overnight for best.

Next day , cut it in rolls and serve as it is or with hot Rabdi and cold rolls.

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  1. OMG...I had gajar ke halwa many times but never thought about this twist...will try sometime

    1. Thanks Amrita, yes old traditional dish in new package.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sanoli, what's going on with your? on and off blogging?

  3. Very nice and like how you presented it in the spoon. Well, for those who are stealing, they will receive their karma soon.

    1. thanks Nava, I am also waiting for karma to bite them soon.

  4. Found your recipe on #RecipeOfTheWeek it's a great recipe and seems fairly straight forward, I've shared on my facebook page.

  5. Nicely presented with the spoon. Yummy carrot halwa!

  6. I make it very similar to the way you make it. We like it warm carrot halwa with ice cream.

  7. Nice decoration...verycreative

  8. very well presented in a new avatar !

  9. love the presentation and such a lovely idea...

  10. Great idea. And presented so brilliantly.


    1. Thanks Minnie, really appreciate your input here.

  11. I have never had Halwa Roulade but I would like to try it. I like how it is made with carrot - lots of wonderful flavours! Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

  12. loved the clicks dear.the carrot halwa roulade looks fab..loved it ..superb..

  13. oh this sounds so scrummy! Thank you for sharing with Credit Crunch Munch!


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