Monday, February 23, 2015

No Bake Cannoli Cheesecake

After tiramisu this is my favorite Italian dessert. But I don’t like traditional way to eat it, first I don’t have
those mold to shape it and second I have to fry those and I always run away if I have to fry anything.
Since my sister made bite size cannoli I wanted to make that and did that and enjoy it, and it left me
craving for more.  So when I made my ricotta cheese  and used it in recipe , still had some leftovers to
use it. As you know, I don't like leftovers, so before it goes bad, I have to use it and thought lets make no
bake cheese cake. What not to love about this, it has ricotta cheese, whipped cream, waffle and
chocolate chips, tell me you all , if you don't like any of these things. ? Well I like all. I use my frozen
chocolate chip waffle as a base, but you can use any chocolate wafers or vanilla wafers or Nila cookies.

Generally in cheesecake only in the bottom we put crust, but in this one I layered it but if you don't want
to do that way, you can just put in the bottom.

Ingredients :

2 frozen chocolate chip waffles – toast it and keep it aside.
½ cup Ricotta cheese
½ cup whipped cream
2-3 tbsp. sugar or as per taste
¼ cup Chocolate chips
For garnish – any dark hard chocolate slab


In a bowl, add ricotta and whipped cream, add sugar in it and mix it till sugar melts.
Add chocolate chips in it. And fold it
Take two shot glasses or bowl , in which you want to make cheese cake.

Make pieces of waffle and put it in bottom.

Scoop ricotta mixture and put it on top, If you want to do layers, put one big tbsp. of ricotta mixture and

again a few pieces of waffle and again ricotta. The top layers should be Ricotta. Garnish with dark chocolate

shavings and few more chocolate chips.

Put it in the fridge for 1 hour and that will be the most difficult time in your life that day to wait for it.

After that, take out the glass and enjoy the yummiest and easy and quick dessert.

Oh you welcome

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  1. Please forward me one of the cups... I am drooling here...

  2. That looks so yummy! Absolutely fabulous. Feel like having some now.

  3. Easy cheesecake...looks so delicious! Love the pics too!

  4. yummy cheesecake,looks delicious!!

  5. Droolworthy indeed.. Looks so delicious. I feel like having one now.

  6. Nice to know about a new Italian dessert..... This looks very tempting ... :) Thanks for visiting my space.... :) Ur blog is so gorgeous.... and glad to follow u and I would be happy if you do so when you get time... :)

  7. Looks absolutely delicious and tempting..

  8. I definitely like all of the ingredients in this lovely no bake cheesecake! It looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.


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