Friday, May 1, 2015

Nacho Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Going to celebrate Cinco de mayo , cinco means five and Mayo means May, so it comes on fifth of may but why till wait then. Start celebrating now with this delicious sandwich. I just love to watch food network and if I am stuck at some show or host, I googled them and try to know more about them, their creations. I was a big fan of a show , Food Network star, where they find new chefs, and the winner got the show on network. One chef who got this contest was Jeff Mauro, he was known as sandwich man, this sandwich inspired from his take, I like to make a big sandwich but that time what ever ingredients i had it , I play with it, next time will make it big one. I gulp down two sandwiches because the salty cheese and spicy jalapenos that combination is just too delicious. You can make the way he make it, here . but to make vegetarian I did some changes and boy , I just loved it. If you are making for kids, adjust with their taste buds.

Ingredients :

6 slices of WW bread or your choice of bread
4 tbsp. refried beans
4 tbsp. salsa or as you needed
Few slices of pickled jalapenos
As needed cheddar cheese
Few black olives
Few tortilla chips
1/2 red onion sliced


Take your sandwich maker, put one slice down, first put cheese, then refried beans, salsa, pickled jalapenos, olives, onion, tortilla chips and more cheese, put other bread.
Close the sandwich maker and in five minutes open up and your ooey gooey spicy sandwich is ready .
I just had with side of more chips and salsa.
Its perfect for light snack or lunch.

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  1. Super yummy and filling sandwich...perfect when feel like skipping lunch..

  2. Super delicious sandwich...... :)

  3. a filling but nutritious sandwich.

  4. I love sandwiches made this way with a variety of fillings.My hubby isn't a big fan of refried beans so I end up using kidney beans.

  5. I am always looks for new ideas for sandwiches , these sound really amazing and tasty.

  6. Looks delicious thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.


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