Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweet Sakkarpara | Sweet Fried Dough Diamonds

This is also very famous snack from Gujarat. Made by everyone  and all has different way of doing it, some put it in sugar syrup to make it sweet , some add sugar in dough only and make this. We make it second way, Add sugar in dough , make big circle and then cut it in diamond shape and enjoy with tea. You can make this from all purpose flour and sooji (semolina) or whole wheat too. Here I have recipe of AP flour and sooji.

Ingredients : 

2 cup All purpose flour - Maida
2 tbsp. Sooji - Semolina
Pinch of Cardamom powder
4 tbsp. ghee
pinch of salt
1 cup or as per taste powdered sugar
oil for frying
Milk  to make a dough


Mix flour , sooji, ghee , sugar and knead the dough with milk.
Knead dough nicely and make big balls from it.
Roll out each ball in big circle.
Cut pieces such a way so it become diamond in shape.
Meanwhile heat a oil to deep fry on medium flame.
Since it has AP flour it will take time to fry and get nice brown color so keep the flame on medium.
when oil is hot, add few pieces of diamonds in it , don't overcrowd the pan, give some room so it cooks nicely. turn them over so it gets nice brown color on both sides. Take it out on paper towel
Repeat till you done and make a cup of cardamom tea and enjoy this munchies.


  1. Yummy tit bits for munching..

  2. hey hows u?
    Oh this looks so tempting and inviting. Got to try this soon, lovely recipe.
    Have a great weekend:)

    1. I am good, how about you? have a good weekend to you too.

  3. love sakkarpara Linsy. I have never made them with sooji added to the flour. Will try that next time.

    1. sometimes we just make from sooji too. try it and let me know too.

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  5. crispy and yumm..perfect with tea :)

  6. yummy snack to enjoy any time..i too love this..:)


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