Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sprouted wheat Salad with Feta

I used to make this salad with just regular salad vegetables in it like onion, tomato, cucumber , lime juice and chat masala. It taste awesome too. But this time I wanted to take a different route so make it little Greek way. You can skip feta and paneer too, no harm done. Food is a food , you can enjoy your way and your style , just don’t say that it’s your own original recipes. Now a days on social media you can see lot of videos of easy and mouthwatering recipe so sometimes I think why to waste my time and efforts to post it on blog but then I think it’s my recipe, my collection  and my cookbook which I can pass it to my kids when they grow up and they wanted to know how mom cooks all these yummy food. So that gets me going.

With my busy schedule now a days just posting once a week, tell you the truth doesn’t feel like posting. It’s like if you don’t go and visit fellow bloggers they don’t bother to come and drop a comment. I know their limitations too. but still have some good friends who doesn’t think that way and still drop by at my page and comment it so for those thanks from the bottom my heart.

Now the recipe, it’s no cook salad recipe, just cut everything and toss together and enjoy it.

Ingredients :

1 cup of sprouted Wheat ( I soaked overnight in water and then take the water and put it for sprouting)
½ chopped onion
½ chopped carrot
½ chopped red and green capsicum
3-4 tbsp. Feta cheese
Salt and black pepper to taste
Pinch or two red pepper flakes
2 tbsp. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
2 tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

Method :

Cut all your vegetables.
Put them in a bowl, add wheat & Feta  in it, add your seasoning (oil, vinegar, salt , both peppers)
And leave it in that bowl for good 10 minutes to get those flavors to mingle.
After that enjoy it for quick lunch or as a side dish.
For me it was a lunch with orange juice.


  1. I have never tasted sprouted wheat,looks filling n yumm

  2. Linsy the salad looks so delicious. I once tried to sprout wheat and it went all sticky!

    1. I sprouts in machine so it stays dry. Try it in small batch.

    2. I sprouts in machine so it stays dry. Try it in small batch.

  3. healthy and yummy salad dear...would love to try using wheat sprouts...Wish u n ur loved one's Happy Diwali..

  4. That looks like a really healthy and tasty lunch salad

  5. Do we have to cook the wheat sprouts?

  6. Nice one guys. Really interesting with sprouts...Koovs Coupons


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