Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chanar Payesh ( Bengali Style Cottage cheese Pudding)

Beginning of this year , I promised myself that I will try to explore East Indian cuisine more, because I was borned  and brought up in West, had very heavy influenced of South and North Indian Food. So East Indian delicacy just stop at Ras malai and Sandesh or say sweets only . Thanks to blogging other cuisines doors also open.

So I had some milk which gone bad so I made paneer out of it. And was thinking what to make out of this one cup of paneer, didn't wanted to make savory, and just finished my ricotta rasmalai and it taste was still on my tongue so I just searched the Google about this and find this dish. I saw two recipes and both were totally different, so I just use my gut feeling about this dish and basic idea and make this one. It taste just like rasmalai but crumble one , but boy, it was heavenly dessert. If you have not enough paneer to make ras malai , I suggest please make this one and you will love it.

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)
1/2 can condensed milk (start from half , add more as needed)
6 cups Whole milk
nuts as per your choice, I used almond and pistachio
pinch of cardamom powder

TO make paneer, take 1 gallon of milk, after one boil add vinegar / lime juice in it and mix it, separate the whey and cheese , strain the whey thru cheesecloth and hang the cheese so water get out. If you are making sweet dish out of paneer make sure you washed paneer so no sourness left inside. otherwise your sweet dish will ruin.


Heat a heavy bottom pan, add milk in it and boil it till it becomes thick. Stir it continuously so it doesn't stick at the bottom.
Add condensed milk and check the sweetness and add more if you need.
Add nuts and cardamom powder and mix it.
Add crumble paneer in it and cook it on low flame for only 3-4 minutes because you don't want your milk to curdle.
Take it out in container and when its completely cool, put it in freeze and serve chilled as it is or with ice cream.

Don't cook more after adding paneer because it might curdle your milk, so thicken the milk before you add paneer in it.
you can use any flavor in it, add saffron, rose water, kevra water, any nuts. Go nuts for the flavoring.
Make sure you wash the paneer before use it and drain it completely too.
It will thicken more once its cold, so don't thicken the milk too much , otherwise add more milk.

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  1. It is same in my case too.. I think I too should take up resolve like you :) Linsy this looks totally delicious and not too tricky!! And i am sure it tastes amazing.. i think i'll give this one a try..

  2. So easy and creamy!.....will try soon!

    1. Sure and let me know too Puneet. thanks for visiting me dear.

  3. This looks really delicious and the clicks are mouthwatering.

  4. Nice and its so tempting and refreshing.

  5. Mouthwatering Pudding.....Yummyyyy....Good Job :-)

  6. rich & creamy ..looks too yumm dear...

  7. Oh you are trying so much sweets and tempting me too much ...Looks so yummy and tempting .Thanks for linking it to Favourite recipes event

    1. thanks Sathya. this are very easy sweets, so try it if you want to .

  8. The East Indian cuisines have many different and tasty recipes that are worth exploring. Keep going with your explore..Lovely Kheer and thanks for linking it to my event!

    1. After looking at your marathon, would love to explore more to those states. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. My favourite dessert.Looks creamy and yummy.

  10. wow... that looks so delicious...

  11. Hi Linsy, thanks for visiting my humble blog. You have a nice blog!
    This bengali style dessert looks so delectable and tempting. Thanks for sharing and you have a nice day :)

  12. Delicious chanar payesh, thanks for sharing with hearth and Soul blog hop.

  13. Yummy rich pudding,looks so delicious.

  14. What a lovely pudding and a great way to use up old milk! I love the sound of those spices and rose water too. Thank you so much for sharing in this month's Family Foodies 'Cheap and Cheerful' challenge :)

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