Saturday, October 24, 2015

Green Apple Pickle

Did you see my  Apple and Sprouted Chana Aachar, now this is just regular pickle masala but with granny smith apple to replace raw mango in pickle. I like fresh pickle a lot so instead of making a big batch of it and never touch it after few times, I make it in small batches and finish it up fast. Try this in any season and enjoy it as a side dish to your dinner, goes very well with rice.

Ingredients : 

1 Granny smith Apple - cut it in small cubes
2 tbsp. rai na kuria - split mustard seeds
2 tbsp. Methi na Kurai - Split fenugreek seeds
Salt as needed
Oil 2-3 tbsp.
Few pinches of red pepper flakes for some kick


Cut apple and put it in salted water so it doesn't go black till you done with whole apple.

In a one bowl, mix all the spices along with oil and mix it nicely.

Take the apple out of water, drain it and put it in spices.

Mix very well. and put it glass jar and leave it as it is for one day /night  for 8 -10 hours.

After that enjoy and finish it asap so you can make it again.

Merry Tummy


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