Saturday, April 16, 2016

No Knead Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread

After making of a successful batch of regular no-knead bread and promised my kids that will make it again in the weekend I made this bread. This time instead of plain, I have added fresh rosemary and sea salt. All the ingredients and method is same, just adding rosemary and sea salt in it, When it was baking my home smells so good with fresh rosemary. And when it was done and this time I make sure that before we slice it, it cools down so get nice slices, my daughter told me that house smells like Subway sandwich store, because of fresh bread. So what are you waiting for? Make this and you will love it.

Ingredients :

2-3 tbsp. the only green part of the rosemary, chopped it very thin.
3 cups All Purpose flour, more for dusting
1/4 tsp. instant yeast
1 1/4 tsp. sea salt, more to sprinkler later.
1 and a half cups of water

Method :

Step 1 : 

In a large bowl, combine, rosemary, flour, yeast, and salt. Add one cup water first, mix it and then add 1/2 cup more and stir with wooden spoon. The dough will be shaggy and sticky. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest at least 12 hours. More is better but 12 is good, at warm room temperature.
Step 2 : 

The dough is ready when its surface is dotted with bubbles. Sprinkle flour at work surface and put the dough on it. Wet your hands and take the dough and take out all the air and make it smaller in size again. fold it once or twice, remember its no knead so don't need too much. Gently move the dough to the parchment paper. You can use a kitchen towel too. But believe me, parchment works wonder. Cover and let it rise again for an hour or so.

Sprinkle some sea salt on top and put one branch of rosemary for added flavor,

Step 3 : 

Preheat the oven at 450 F. Now if you have  Le Creuset Enameled cast iron, You can use that. But I didn't so I put loaf with parchment in my silicon pan. Meantime boil one cup of water in the pan. And put my aluminum rectangle dish in the oven so it gets warm up too. When my oven reached at 450, I slide my pan in the middle rack and take out my aluminum dish along with rack little out and pour that boiling water in it We need to create moisture in the oven so it gets a nice crust. Be very careful when you do this, keep kids out and cover the glass of oven with a kitchen towel so if by mistake water drops on it, you don't burn yourself. 

Bake it for 30 minutes or till you get a nice brown on it. Remove and let it cool on wire rack. Till then you have to wait but if you can not wait hey it's your bread you can do whatever you want to do. Enjoy with delicious homemade white butter or your favorite butter or olive oil or dip in the soup. 

See those air pockets, that makes soft inside and chewy outside, it was perfect bread. Got compliments from hubby and kids too.


  1. bread looks so good...just few ingredients and bread is ready

  2. love this bread have done it perfect

  3. Simple recipe.. Yet such a perfect looking bread!

  4. Rosemary flavoured bread must be tasting so good.. must try it.

  5. I just love how the bread looks inside... it is nice when the kids ask for bread, I don't have a bunch for bread, so I hardly bake with yeast these days...

    1. Mine loves it so its feel good to make for them. Thanks Rafeeda.

  6. Lovely-lovely. I saw the first pic and I love it. The aroma of rosemary in this bread, just so breathtaking.

  7. What a delicious and aromatic bread. You have got a lovely crust on it.

  8. Delicious you baked like a pro, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  9. Your no knead bread looks delicious, Linsy and I love the addition of the Rosemary. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.


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