Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How to Froze Fresh Herbs

We get nice fresh herbs but to save them its always a big problem. So now I just make ice cubes of those herbs either mix and match or separate and put it in olive oil and then use it. That way I dont have to rush to grocery store when I need it , just take a big one ice cube or half or two, as per the need and I am good with recipe. This saves money and time too. You spend one time and this last long.

There is no perfect measuring , just take your favorite herb(s) , wash it , chopped it and put it in ice cube tray and cover it with good olive oil . Leave it over night and next day take out from tray and put it in zipper bag, write on it what's in side so you don't have to guess what in the bag and use it as per the need.

I took

1 bunch of Fresh basil leaves
1 bunch of fresh organo leaves
1 bunch of parsley
few strings of rosemary


Wash and chopped all herbs nicely.

Put it in ice cube tray and cover with olive oil.

Keep it in freezer overnight and take out next day and put it in zip lock bag. 

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