Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Date Balls Stuffed with Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)

For Diwali or any celebrations, we are more concerned about sweets, main dishes or even decorations, but don't think much for "mukhvas" means mouth freshener. After eating a nice meal one need to clean the mouth and that time a lot of varieties of mouth freshener comes to mind. From simple roasted fennel seeds to exotic varieties are there But today I am showing you easy, no-cook and loved by everyone, ingredient, Dates. Just crushed the pitless dates and stuffed with gulkand and rolled in grated coconut, green scented fennel seeds or even sprinkles. It will be done in no time and kids will eat this easily since the outside is their favorite and you can feed some nutrition thru dates too.

Ingredients : 

200 Gms of Dates - Pitted
As needed Gulkand
2 tbsp grated coconut
2 tbsp sprinkles
2 tbsp flavored fennel seeds mix

Method :

In a mixture, add dates and make a paste out of it.

Take it out in the dish.

In three separate bowl, take out coconut, sprinkles, fennel seeds.

Now take a small amount of date and make the desired size balls, make an indent and put a teaspoon of gulkand in it and covered it.
Rolled it in either coconut, sprinkles or fennel seeds.

You can serve it once you are done making it or serve to your guest once your dinner party is over or during Diwali once guests had their sweet/savory snacks and need to clean their palate.

You will wow it with this dish I am sure. You can easily increase the quantity since there is no precise measurement is required.

Happy Diwali everyone. 


  1. The one in the centre is perfect for fourth of july haha! yummy

    eggless chocolate chip cookies recipe

  2. These delicious date balls filled with gulkand make a lovely treat and also a mouth freshener.

  3. I remember eating these I Hyderabad! The date balls are so very delicious. Never thought I can make them at home. Thanks

  4. Dates balls filled with gulkand is a perfect guilt free sweet. Loved these delicious and healthy balls.

  5. These look devine ans so easy to make. Would be perfect to serve them after dinner with coffee

  6. These date ladoos are so healthy and delicious. Loved the way yiu have rolled them in mukhwas. I am sure that adds a lovely crunch

  7. They are healthy and easy to make. Addition of sprinkles gives a good look and children will relish them.

  8. Easy to make and can easily be served as sweet treat rather than mouth fresheners. Love that its sugar free.

  9. Date balls filled with gulkand is such a refreshing treat and delicious!! Addition of sprinkles is looking attractive!!

  10. Oh yumm dates balls stuffed with aromatic rose petal jam! I love the flavor of gulkand in my sweet treats! These are perfect treats and great as edible gifts!

  11. These cute date gulkand looks absolutely delicious and healthy recipe. Perfect treat for festive season and great treat as edible gifts.


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