Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tariwala Poha Nagpur Style

I have never eaten this kind of poha but the idea of making it with spicy black chana is tempted. Before I never put potatoes in my poha , always had it with black beans so with protein is not a big deal for me. 

For this dish make poha the way we always do and make black chana with gravy and do extra tadka with more chilies with oil to give that tari effect. 

I had to feed the kids so I didn't  make very spicy but if you have no limitation go ahead and make it zanzant spicy.

Ingredients for Poha 

Ingredients for Brown chana

To assemble it 

Take poha in a bowl, add black chana and the gravy on top of it, sprinkle with sev, pomegranate pearls,  chopped chilies, chopped cilantro leaves and enjoy it with the cup of tea or have it for light lunch too. 


  1. This is interesting, never heard of this. So many different versions of Poha. I sometimes add potato, but I would like to enjoy this with the black channa masala

  2. I have only made poha very simply in breakfast dishes but I love this one pot dish. A quick and easy lunch whenever time is short.

  3. Best and delicious poha . Kala channa tari on poha is just out of the world. This is similar to the poha misal which is served at shacks in bombay


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