Monday, January 6, 2014

Besan Laddoo / Chickpea Flour Sweet Balls

Somewhere on some occasion my son had this besan ladoo, he don't know the name, but one day he told me to make yellow sweet laddoo. So I said ok will make it. So to keep my promise I have to make this , first batch totally disaster because I was trying to do something different , everything was good, taste and it forms balls too but after long time also flour was not cook so it had that raw smell in it , so I alter it and cook more and make halwa out of it. But still I have to make besan laddoo so this time without giving any more my touch I just followed the simple recipe of the laddoo. To make this laddoo you need coarse chick pea flour not the regular one. That's how in my house we made it and end result is always better. Here in grocery store they sell it as laddoo flour.
So I got this one and used this particular flour to make it.

Ingredients :

1 and 1/2 cup Ladu Besan / Coarse chick pea flour
1/3 cup Ghee / purified butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. cardamom powder (I like the flavor of it so I added 1/2 tsp. more)
pinch of nutmeg powder
6 sliced Amonds


Heat the ghee in the non stick pan.
Once it melted , add flour in it.
Stir the flour till its become light brown and you will have nice aroma of roasted flour and ghee.
It took me good 10 minutes because I was doing it on low flame.
When its nicely brown , shut off the gas and add sugar and mix it again so no lumps are there.
Add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder and sliced almonds and mix it.
Take it out dish.

When its still warm make as per your choice , size balls.

Store it air tight container and use it as needed.
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  1. My fav besan ladoo...looks so yum...

  2. yummy besan laddoo... and that too with limited ghee...

  3. wow, they look lovely. Sure that your kids must have feasted :)

  4. What a classic. Nice presentation too :)

  5. Shall try for sure. Nice and simple sweet, much loved by most people.

  6. Simple but truely delicious ladoos.

  7. Lovely laddoos!! They are Zini's favorite!!

  8. Nice presentation Linsy.. lovely laddoos.

  9. They look so yummy and mouth watering.

  10. Thanks for visiting my space and sorry for not being able to drop by earlier......The laddoos are yummy and i feel like biting into one!!

  11. Yummy!!! One of my fav laddoos

  12. Yummy!!! One of my fav laddoos

  13. I love this recipe <3

  14. First thing I noticed was "Deep Brand" :) Lovely it is.... Yaar, rather than making it by myself, I would love to grab one from your plate only :P

    1. you to Deep there too? its our local product so always use that. take the whole plate.

  15. Wow u get laddoo besan also in US ?? Good.. i doubt if its easily available in INdia..
    Lovely presenttaion Lincy..

    1. Smitha, we got almost everything here now , never did this kind of grocery shopping in India when I was there 16 years ago, so no idea about that.

  16. Delicious Besan laddoo, I too buy the laddu besan to make laddoo. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  17. very very delicious and yummy ladoos :) perfectly made dear !!

  18. Healthy nn rich in taste this laddus.i love them..btw u can check this blog to create header if ur interested .plz

  19. Besan ka ladoo... just fabulous Linsy... very nicely made.Thanks for Linking...


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